2 Reasons Your Hospitality Business Needs Smart Laundry Equipment

With the advent of new hospitality service-providers (i.e AirBnB, TripAdvisor, etc.), hoteliers and hospital managers need to stay on top of every aspect of their businesses to remain on ahead of the competition. It is important to pay attention to the smallest details— the line-up of world-class amenities, the hotel layout and design, the laundromat equipment used, among others. Industry equipment providers like http://cgilaundry.com/ suggest that when these essential parts of a company are overlooked, they can pose grave threats to business—poor feedback, and even worse, loss of customer base. Needless to say, our hospitality enterprise is built on the small things, as much as it is built on the big.


Fortunately, there are companies like Continental Girbau who offer a unique line-up of services, support, and equipment to make the entire laundry system more efficient and effective for our growing business. As a front-runner in the laundromat industry, it has invested in smart laundry equipment to further improve the productivity of its products and services. Outlined below are just a few reasons why our hospitality business ought to embrace the wealth of smart laundry equipment:

1. Saves Time

Smart laundry equipment saves a lot of time. With the availability of smart washing machines and dryers, gone are the days spent loading in heaps of clothes and idly waiting for the machines to finish rinsing and drying the garments. Now, we can set our washing machines and dryers to begin and end their cycles remotely using our smartphones. For as long as we are connected to the internet and have a phone in hand, we can determine how many wash cycles our machines will do, how long it will take, etc.


For many business owners, the use of smart laundry equipment will allow them to efficiently apportion their time to tend to other corners of their corporation. Time is a priceless resource when managing a business; thus, it must be used for consequential tasks. Instead of manually setting machines and watching wash cycles end, time can be apportioned to implement improvements to the business structure, account the inflow and outflow of cash, survey for feedback from customers, among other greater responsibilities.


2. Quality, durability, and longevity

When investing in any new technology, it ought to come with the promise of quality, durability, and longevity. Smart laundry equipment, especially those engineered by Continental Girbau, carry this promise. Most equipment are engineered with the top-of-the-line quality stainless steel, so they are corrosion resistant. The machines are fitted with heavy-duty bolt-styled hinges, anticipating the heavy usage of customers. They are checked and reviewed by only the best professionals before they are sold in the market, so customers can be sure to get their money’s worth.


Some smart laundry equipment are backed by warranty, as well. For instance, secondhand machines are now supported by a 10-year key component warranty, 4-year bearing labor warranty, and 3-year limited parts warranty. You just need to know where to look. Should any problems arise with your machines, you can have them fixed at no added cost.


Indeed, customers can gain confidence in the promise that their smart laundry machines are built to stand the test of time.


All in all, smart laundry equipment is not an auxiliary tool, but rather, a much needed investment. To stay competitive, a little extra time, promise of quality, and after-purchase customer care, can provide business owners with the peace of mind to deal with other company-related matters. When improving a hospitality company’s operations and systems, smart laundry equipment should definitely be the go-to product.

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