3 Ways to Heat Your Home

Untitled1 300x225 3 Ways to Heat Your HomeWith today’s modern technology there are a number of ways in which you can heat your home throughout the year. So if you are thinking about changing your heating or building a new home and would like to consider a different option, then here are a few ways to do it.

Central Heating

Central heating is the most common way to heat your home and is used in many houses throughout the country. You can heat your house through central heating either by using gas or electricity.

Gas– If your home is already connected to the national gas grid it may be possible for you to get a gas central heating system installed. This is often a cheap option, and maybe what you already have in your home. It would be easy to upgrade your gas central heating system so if you’re looking for an easy option, this may be it.

Electric– Probably the most cost effective type of electrical central heating is to use a night storage heater. These heaters will usually be in most rooms of the house and will use the electricity – which is often supplied at a cheaper rate during the night – to heat up the special heat retaining bricks within the heaters. They are able to give off heat slowly throughout the day, and as far as hot water goes, your off-peak electricity can also be used to provide this.

Renewable Energy Heating

Rather than using a mains electricity or gas supply, it is possible to make your own energy and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are hoping to be more energy efficient then there are many other ways in which you can generate the energy to heat your home and your hot water.

Solar Panels – There are two types of solar panels for water heating. Flat plate panels and evacuated tubes. Both of these will generate an equal amount of hot water and include drain back systems which can prevent water from boiling or freezing inside the solar panels.

Heating Pumps – Heating pumps run throughout your home and work by pumping a mixture of water around a loop system which is able to absorb the natural heat that is stored in the ground. The water is then transferred to your heating system which heats your home and can also be used to heat radiators, hot water and an under floor heating system.

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