5 Digital Customer Engagement Strategies for 2014

marketing-optimization-1A business’ web presence is one of the most important things it has in this century. Not having a lane on the information highway can be extremely detrimental and you could be losing out on an enormous amount of revenue. One of the best ways to boost your presence on the web is by increasing your customer engagement. This year, there are a lot of ways to boost engagement, so that you can garner more traffic to your website and convert those visits into sales. Besides utilizing directory software and other methods to boost a site’s ranking in the search engines, customer engagement can be great for SEO. Here are five digital customer engagement strategies for 2014.

1.  Offer the ability to signup for a newsletter. Having a place where visitors to your website can sign up for a newsletter can hugely increase customer engagement. With even a few thousand email addresses, you can be sending out monthly or bi-monthly newsletters directly to customers’ inboxes. This direct marketing campaign can connect you directly to your customers in an engaged way that will greatly increase sales conversions. Just make sure, though, that you don’t spam your customers, because that can have the opposite effect.

2.  Boost your social media presence. This year, various social media platforms are taking it to new levels for businesses that want to increase engagement. Social media is one of the best ways to utilize your company for more exposure. It is also a great way to market your business! Not only are these platforms making it easier for businesses to open up profiles, but also to engage with customers. This unique way of marketing your business and strengthening engagement can put your company in the same channels of your customers’ closest friends and family. Not only can this increase engagement – it can also strengthen trust, which is like gold for building loyalty among your niche or demographic.

3.  Start a blog. Many businesses are intimidated by the idea of starting a blog, but the truth is that starting a blog can be a great way to build customer engagement. By starting a blog you can introduce your customers to the kind of business you run and give them an idea of your business’s aim. A blog doesn’t necessarily need to have anything to do with your business – it could be a general blog with relevant news and information. As long as you offer interesting content on your blog, you are on the right path. Creating a blog is a fun and creative way for both you and your customers to interact with one another. By allowing customers to add comments and make suggestions, you are not only building engagement, you are also better optimizing your site for the search engines.

4.  Remodel your online store. If you spend some time on the web, you will realize that there are some amazing e-commerce platforms out there. If your web store isn’t up to date, there is a good chance that you are slowly losing engagement. This year is the perfect time to redo your online store – to make it more efficient and easier to navigate.

5.  Offer visitors to your website the ability to share your content. These days, it is all about sharing content. If you want to boost your rankings, traffic and engagement, you want to offer your visitors the ability to easily share all the content on your website. In the end, offering the ability to share can exponentially increase engagement, which will hopefully materialize in your quarterly earnings.

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