5 Super Theme Ideas for a Business Party

Business parties are a great way to mingle with clients, build relationships with your colleagues and for employers to show employees that you appreciate everything that they do. While a simple cocktail party is fine, wouldn’t it be fun to plan a themed event for everyone to enjoy. In this article I’d like to share some fabulous themed business party ideas that I know you’ll love. If this has interested you and you need a bit of help from some party planner professionals why not visit www.classiquepromotions.co.uk/ and have a great office party!

  1. Casino Themed Party

Casino Themed

If your business is celebrating a big milestone like 20 years in business then a Casino themed party could be just the ticket to really kick up the celebration. Deck out the event with rental slot machines, craps tables, and roulette tables for everyone to enjoy. To avoid worry about the local gambling laws make sure that partygoers are playing for prizes instead of money. Add casino props and make personalised money can cameras for everyone’s use.

  1. Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

Let your employees have fun getting to know each other all over again under the guise of a mask. The enthusiasm and positive energy inherent in a masquerade ball will make for a positive experience for all. You could use holiday colours (if it falls on a holiday), purple and gold since they are traditional masquerade colours, or your company colours if you have them. Whatever colours you use make sure the décor is extravagant as that’s what masquerade balls are. Plan well in advance so your guests have time to buy masks but make sure to have extras on hand in case some forget. A string quartet or small orchestra will be the perfect entertainment to set the tone.

  1. Caribbean Night

Caribbean Night

Everyone could use a warm sunshiny holiday, but not everyone has the time; or money. Planning a Caribbean Night themed party will bring the sunshine to your business party for everyone to enjoy. While creating a beach would be costly and time consuming (think about how long it would take to clean up all that sand) a beautiful outdoor setting would be perfect for this event. Encourage people to wear brightly coloured clothing and stash some extra holiday wear somewhere for partygoers who forget. Rent some palm trees, hire a steel band and bring out that limbo stick, everyone will have a ball. Big bright cocktails made in Caribbean fashion and foods with coconut milk, fish, and fresh fruit will definitely fit the theme. If you have seafood allergies then adding a barbecue is suggested as well.

  1. Casablanca Party

Casablanca Party

Bring your guests back to the 1940’s with that romantic feel of Casablanca. Use décor reminiscent of Rick’s Café with cocktails and palm trees. Hire a pianist to play exceptional 40’s favourites and request that guests dress like Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart.

  1. Going to the Circus

Going to the Circus

Everyone (well, most everyone) loved the circus as a kids. All of the animals and performers made the day an absolute thrill. To recreate this feeling for your business party hire some outrageous performers. Jugglers, Tightrope walkers, clowns, tumblers, and specialty acts will leave your guests raving about the visual effects for weeks to come. By adding lots of long drapery you will give the room the feel of a circus tent. Set the food up in stations like you would find at a circus. Some of the menu can be traditional circus fair (e.g. popcorn, cotton candy, and roasted peanuts) while the other stations consist of typical party appetisers.

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