5 Tips for Breaking Into the Green Energy Business

If you’re someone who’s passionate about preserving the environment, have you ever thought about going into the green energy business? This might be the perfect career for you! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently over three million green jobs within the United States alone and most of them come with competitive wages and plenty of room to move within the country.

So, if landing a green job sounds like something that you would be interested in doing, we’ve provided you with five tips for how you can break into the green energy business below:

Take some green education courses. Say that you went to college to student accounting or business and you’ve decided that you want to work for a green company. Although your degree will definitely help when applying to certain positions, you will stand out even more if you have some “green education” under your belt. Having prior knowledge in any subject is always a plus. That’s why it’s a good idea to take some green courses. Taking green courses are not only interesting, but they will teach you life long learning skills. It teaches you to become more environmentally conscious. One website that offers a variety of training courses is Green Education Online. You can even get certified after completing certain classes that they have available.

Volunteer at a green organization. One way that you can gain some hands-on experience and also build up your resume at the same time is to volunteer at a green organization within your area. In fact, being that eco-friendly initiatives are proactive when it comes to building the community, it will only work to your benefit if prospective employers see that you are someone who doesn’t mind donating your time to certain green causes.

Search the internet. When it comes to looking for green jobs that are available, the internet is the first place that you should look. Most jobs only accept online applications these days. Job search engines like Indeed and Career Builder tend to post green jobs. So do national online non-profit job banks like Idealist.org. It’s also a good idea to get onto social media platforms like Linked In to connect with companies that are green-related as well. By asking those businesses if they would be willing to keep your resume on file, you never know what positions may come available that they’ll be more than happy to make you aware of.

Do some “green” blogging. One of the best ways to do some of your own networking is by setting up a website or a blog and then writing about your passions as it relates to the green energy platform. Blogging is a great tool to advertise your passion regarding green energy. Creating a blog spreads the word around about your interests about green energy. If you do decide to do this, also make sure to let people know on Facebook and Twitter that you have a blog so that your “friends” and “followers” can share your posts with others. It’s a fun way to make some really solid connections and build up a platform.

Start your own green business. If you were to ask someone like Chris Chambless , the head of Ambit Energy about ways that you can break into the green energy business, one of the things that he might tell you is to consider starting a green energy business of your own. By starting a recycling, upcycling or other kind of initiative, it can provide you with experience as you continue your search for the ideal job. Good luck!


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