7 Tips for Designing A Successful eCommerce Site

If you’re stepping into the world of virtual commerce, you’re probably already aware of things like supply and demand, social media advertising and analytics software. But did you know that something as simple as your layout can also make or break your business? In an age of instant clicks and short attention spans, an ugly or unprofessional site will drive away traffic faster than almost anything else. Here are seven tips to attract and retain customers through the power of strong web design.
1: Keep It Neat

You wouldn’t expect customers to physically navigate a cluttered store, so don’t expect them to wade through a bunch of online junk, either. Keep your template simple and streamlined for efficiency.

2: Create A Flow

Shepherd the customer where you want them to go. For example, as soon as they land on the main page, you’ll want your catalogue or drop-down shopping menu to be the first thing they notice. As they browse your goods, make sure the “add to cart” button is big and prominent.

3: Stay Neutral

Bold colors are okay for the occasional advertisement or banner, but you don’t want a searing red or florescent yellow assaulting the eye on every page. Neutrals are popular for a reason.

4: Offer Filters

The majority of your customers will be looking for something in particular. They may get distracted by other products eventually, but a search engine brought them to your site for a reason. Make sure it’s easy for them to find what they seek.

5: Images, Images, Images

Remember those short attention spans? They don’t have the patience to read large blocks of text or teeny amounts of fine print. When conveying important information, do it in a graphic.

6: Include User Reviews

No one wants to be the first to try something, not when hard-earned paychecks are on the line. Put their minds at ease by displaying customer ranks, ratings and reviews under every product.

7: Respect Their Privacy

Customer accounts can be a useful tool for regular shoppers who want to save their information between visits, but it isn’t a good idea to force the issue on casual buyers. A lot of them simply won’t be interested enough to sign up, and those are sales you’ll never get back.

These are just seven ways to tweak and improve an online store. If you need additional guidance, consider hiring specialists in custom ecommerce website design.

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