A Warm Welcome Certain with LPG

 Your hotel needs to be warm and welcoming at all times of the year. In the summer weeks heat is less of an issue but through winter time you need to ensure your guests’ comfort with a reliable energy source. It is one of the major costs you face which is the reason why you should look to Liquefied Petroleum Gas as a cheap and reliable alternative.


Hotel industry

If you run a hotel whether in a city or a popular tourist area you will certainly face competition. The Internet allows people to book online but you need to be responsive to the various review and recommendation websites. Some of your effort needs to be directed at the quality of service you provide but other efforts must be directed at costs without compromising standards. Internet browsers can read all about you online and see whether your room rates are good.


One of the things that is certainly worth close examination is your energy costs and whether you can make savings on your current bill. There has been a good deal of adverse publicity recently directed at energy companies that have announced their round of price increases at a time when demand is going to increase with cold weather looming.

A hotel has to think about its general heating, hot water and cooking as well as things like air conditioning and heating a swimming pool.

One of the beauties of LPG is that it is instant, providing an immediate flame when you are cooking and an oven or ring will cool more quickly as soon as the flame is extinguished. It provides heat more quickly than using a system that needs to heat up before there is any major benefit.

You need to know that your energy source is reliable and if you can site a tank on hard standing within your grounds then Liquefied Petroleum Gas could well be the answer. If you pay a visit to search engines you will find out more about Liquefied Petroleum Gas and possibilities that it offers for fulfilling all your energy needs. In this ever more competitive world you must look at your expenditure very closely. By selecting LPG you could be making an environmental statement at the same time as using a cleaner energy source and reducing your energy bills. Its production of carbon dioxide is low and its effect on air pollution is minimal.

Cost control

As the UK economy recovers the demand for rooms from business and tourism is expected to show an increase but that does not mean you can stop the exercise of controlling your costs. A guest will judge your hotel on many bases and one is certainly whether he or she had enough hot water on demand. If you are using electricity to heat your water, it may represent up to 25% of your total energy costs.

As part of any financial appraisal or cost monitoring of your operations, looking closely at energy costs is essential, you need to be asking yourself whether LPG can significantly reduce those costs and the answer will be, yes.


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