CEOs and Their Unusual Hobbies

Being the CEO of a company is a stressful job. While all jobs have their difficulties, this is one that seems to put people in a constant state of high stress. So how do people deal with it? Many people, like the Infor CEO Charles Phillips engage in activities such as golf or go out for meals with their friends and family members. Others, however, take it a step further. Some people believe that, in order to be a CEO, you must be an adrenaline junkie. After all, every decision you make could be one in which the company goes under. As a result, many have hobbies that set their adrenaline into overdrive as well. Others believe the opposite is true: adrenaline runs so much during the working day, that something relaxing like fishing is necessary instead. Either way, some CEOs have some pretty unusual hobbies. Let’s take a look at two.

Tony Hsieh and Poker Playing

Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos, making him a pretty busy man. Plus, he has made it his priority to revitalize the downtown area of Las Vegas, as if he wasn’t busy enough to begin with. Yet he knows how important it is to have time off as well, and his personal relaxation comes from poker playing. A word of warning, Hsieh is incredibly good at poker. In fact, he claims to have been in the game before most people, taking part in the World Series of Poker. For him, poker is about enjoyment, but about more as well. For instance, he often challenges people at tech conferences to a game, to get a feel of who is dealing with in a casual way. Indeed, that is something that all CEOs seem to do, although Charles Phillips, as mentioned previously, prefers to do that over dinner. For Hsieh, however, it is a win win situation: he may lose money (rarely), but he gains new connections.

David Karp and Drones

David Karp loves drones. You wouldn’t think so, considering how many he has already crashed over Brooklyn, where he lives, but he genuinely says he loves them. Not just that, he likes speed. Once the proud owner of a Vespa, he recently traded it for a new motorcycle. When Karp sold Tumblr to Yahoo, he instantly earned a billion dollars, and this meant his hobbies could become a bit more expensive as well. His latest hobby, therefore, is flying drones, which he does from his Manhattan office, and from his Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home. He feels drones are nothing short but amazing, not in the least because they aren’t regulated yet. So far, he has managed to destroy four different ones, and is working hard on tallying that number up to five. He also says part of the excitement is ordering them, getting his directly from China through Hong Kong post. This means that he sometimes has to wait months before his latest gadget arrives. As a result, he generally orders a few at the same time, so that he always has a few to play with after yet another one crashes.


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