Changing Lives: A Deeper Look Into The Mercy Foundation

There are hundreds of fantastic charities and organizations out there who are doing fantastic work helping the millions of people in the World living in poverty and with social injustice. Without groups and charities like these the World would be a far darker place and today we want to focus on one such group, The Mercy Foundation. In recent years we have seen charities change their traditional methods of fundraising and providing direct supplies to those in poverty, many now look to provide the poor with opportunities to help themselves and that is exactly what the Mercy Foundation does, if you haven’t heard of this great organization then read on for more information.

The Beginnings

Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation’s founder began the non-profit organization in 2009 following his involvement in the Seed America Foundation, a charitable group that aimed to set up business schools for budding entrepreneurs, following 2008’s economic downturn the organization struggled with funding and was forced to cease its operations. The Mercy Foundation rose from the ashes of Seed America and its plan was to provide micro loans for people around the World to act as a bridge for them to improve their lives.

How the Organization Works

The way in which the organization works is incredibly creative, in the U.S. selling property to a non-profit organization is tax deductible which is attractive to anyone with underutilized property. Once the organization purchases the property they then sell it on for a profit and use these profits to provide loans around the World. This innovative method of fundraising was described by their founder Joe Johnson as ”not for the faint of heart,” before adding that “…five years from now, Mercy ought to be doing millions (in loans) to underprivileged entrepreneurs.”

The organization in 2013 alone helped to finance more than 2,000 loans in over 60 different countries around the World, a truly remarkable feat that has helped thousands of people to work themselves out of poverty.

Who They Help

The Mercy Foundation supports people from over 100 countries across the World offering micro loans that give financial relief to a wide variety of people living in situations that they didn’t choose. The money goes to shop owners who are struggling to buy products due to inflated prices across Africa, arts groups in Latin America who wish to find a new life through creative expression, thousands of youngster across Asia and Africa who don’t have the money to pay for their studies and thousands more people who require a small amount of money to help them out.

This organization is still in its early years at just 7 years old and already it has helped and is helping a huge variety of people throughout the World. With its creative ways of raising finances and its method of giving people hope and opportunity as opposed to handouts, I’m sure that the Mercy Foundation will be around for many years to come.

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