Child Custody in Arizona after Divorce: Here is what you should know

Even with the dissolution of marriage in Arizona, children must be well-taken care of. Child custody is a legal term that refers to the right of a person to make decisions about the care and welfare of children. The custodial parent is the one authorized by the court to stay with the children.

Sex does not determine who will be the custodial parent. The decision is solemnly dependent on the analysis that was done by the court. Education, healthcare, and food expenses are some of the things that kids will need support even if marriage dissolution occurs. Keep in mind that these decisions are complicated and you need the help of a qualified Scottsdale Arizona divorce attorney.

Parenting Time

This refers to the time each parent should spend with the children. Even if one has not won the child custody, he or she may still have the right to see the children and play with them. Remember, if the parent is deemed to be dangerous to children, parenting time may be denied. Non-custodian parents are allocated specific time and duration to play with their children.

Parenting time is discussed and agreed by parents, and if they cannot agree, the superior court will step in to make the decision. Any violation of parenting time by either spouse will be termed as court contempt unless there are substantial reasons.

Parenting time is relevant because it provides time for the children to associate themselves with the parents and build a strong bond. It also enables the parents to listen to children’s’ demands or requests. The feeling of being cared for and cherished can make kids grow stress-free despite parents being divorced.

Types of Child Custody Court Can Offer

The first one is the sole custody. This is a type of custody in which the court designates one parent to make decisions regarding children’s’ welfare. Parents can discuss the child’s issues together, but the parent who won custody has the final say and cannot be disputed by the non-custodian parent.

The second type of custody is joint custody in which both parents are warranted authority over children’s’ welfare education issues. Every parent will have a scope of responsibilities to perform to the kids for their better upbringing. Both parents have equal time allocation to see their children and play with them.

You Can Change a Custody Court Order 

If you want to alter custody orders given by the court, you need to write a detailed request explaining why you want to change a court order. The interests of the children must be well-represented if you wish to succeed because the court is always interested in protecting the well-being of kids. For joint custody, you can request to change court order if there has been violence, spousal abuse or child abuse. Kids are always protected from physical harm and psychological harm.

If the child can make a preference, the preference of the child will always be taken as a priority. Parents suffering from mental issues will not be allowed to stay with their children. The custodial parent must be fit to take care of children and provide for their needs.

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