Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Following a serious injury, you may need to seek professional legal representation. Personal injury attorneys help fight for your legal rights and compensation. How do you find the best injury lawyer? What should you look for, or avoid?


1.) Identify the Type of Attorney You Need

You will soon come to find that ‘personal injury attorney’ is an umbrella term and that there are many kinds of lawyers, with different specialties, and levels of experience. The first thing to consider when finding a personal injury attorney is how well the attorney’s experience matches to your case.


Since 1995 when Jeffrey Glassman opened his law offices in Boston, Massachusetts he has been specializing in Personal Injury cases such as car accidents, workers compensation cases, slip and fall accidents as well as Social Security and disability claims, drug injuries, medical device recalls asbestos, and mesothelioma cases.


2.) Look for Recommendations

There are many online resources to help you find a suitable personal injury attorney. A look at the many positive reviews for Jeffery S. Glassman LLC. on Yelp speaks to their professionalism, determination and success at winning cases.


3.) What to Look For

When choosing a personal injury attorney, you’ve got to know what behaviors and experience to look for; traits that will help you receive the benefits you need and have the best outcomes in your case.

Reviews on Yelp rate lawyers at Jeffery S. Glassman LLC. as attentive, professional, knowledgeable, transparent, and genuinely caring as well as experienced and knowledgeable.


4.) What to Avoid

Choose a personal injury attorney you’d want to work with personally, who respects attends to your needs and keeps your best interests front of mind.

5.) Questions to ask Attorneys

Before meeting with any attorneys, it’s important to prepare a list of relevant questions to ask them. Some important matters to consider include:

What are your specialized areas?

How long do will my case will take?

Who else would be working on my case?

How are you paid?

Have you ever received discipline or suspension from practice?


6.) Capitalize on Free Consultations

Almost all personal injury attorneys offer free legal consultations. These discussions will help you understand whether you have a case worth pursuing or not, and good lawyers will let you know how compatible your case is with their specialization.


7.) Always Choose Local

Whenever possible you should choose a local personal injury attorney. Local offices are typically more involved in individual cases, and handle them with more passion for success than larger national firms. Jeffery Glassman and the lawyers in his firm know the ins and outs of the system in Boston. They understand best how the city laws work and how this could affect your case proceedings.


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