Choosing the Right Office Building For Your Business

Whether you’re just starting out or the owner of an established business, it’s important to choose the correct office building for your corporate needs. Your office building will be the base of your operation, where the creative ideas and flexible solutions are born, and will also serve as a concrete representation of your company in the minds of employees, investors, suppliers and clients.

Room For Growth

Don’t just think about the immediate needs of your business. Plan ahead and factor in the possibility of future growth. If you’re not in a position to invest in a large space that allows room for expansion, it may be worth negotiating a shorter lease so that you’ll be able to move quickly once you outgrow your current requirements.

Employees and Clients

With the wealth of new technological options available, it isn’t always essential to have all of your employees working from the office. If you want to save on office space, it might be a good idea to allow certain staff to work from home and stay in touch via Skype and email. Key employees who do need to be in the office on a regular basis should be considered when a new office building is being chosen. Think about how far they have to commute, as a long and expensive journey may encourage them to think about leaving for a position closer to home. It’s also important to consider clients and how far they will have to travel to reach your office. It may be cheaper to rent space outside of an urban location, but this could result in a loss of clients as many people are unwilling to travel for goods or services that can be procured more conveniently elsewhere.

Positive Business Image

The office space you choose serves as a physical reminder to others and the building is often viewed as symbolic of a company’s financial health. Lavish buildings may lead clients to believe that this is where their hard-earned money is being spent, whereas shabby, run-down offices might indicate that your company is in trouble. There are plenty of attractive and simple solutions for brightening up a commercial building, for example investing in composite timber cladding for the building’s exterior. This inexpensive finishing option is available from a number of retailers, including Dura Cladding. If you choose to save money by purchasing an office space that needs work, you must be prepared to spend on making it look presentable for clients and employees.


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