Consumer Shift to eCommerce

Online shopping isn’t taking over the way people purchase goods and service- it has taken over. To compete in the online shopping environment, eCommerce businesses must have a shopping cart design that’s user friendly, attention grabbing, and market savvy.

Comparison Shopping

Online shoppers don’t have a long attention span, plus they want to get the best deal. To grab their attention and keep it focused on your site, you need a comparison shopping engine (CSE) designed to satisfy their desire to compare without losing their interest. Among the comparisons potential consumers use to appraise merchandise or services are price, size, and color options. A CSE allows customers to compare several similar items all at once and retains them on your site for a lengthier period of time. The longer a customer lingers, the greater the chance a purchase will be finalized.

Not all eCommerce managers have the time or training to sort through all the data a CSE can generate. Therefore, it’s wise to research providing software companies to choose one that has professionals ready to assist. These professionals can help sort through daily feeds and applications to determine which CSE is optimal for your product or service and is beside you through every step in setting up your account. It should also have a customer service program willing to review your sales and adjust your account so you realize maximum profits.


Once your customers have decided on a purchase, don’t lose them! If they have to search or spend time figuring out where to pay, there’s a good chance they’ll click to leave rather than click to pay. You want that purchase finalized so that an easy method for sale completion is another important component your software design should have. Because your business is unique, choose software that has pay-per-click specialists ready to team up with you in creating a strategy to maximize your final sales. After set-up, the effective specialist remains to monitor clicks on your site that result in profits.

Marketing Know-how

Email marketing is still an effective plan to get purchasers to your eCommerce site. A professional, eye-popping email charms people into clicking to see more. For every email that entices someone to look further, that is one more opportunity to increase sales. You have a good handle on your product and by collaborating with a shopping design specialist who knows email marketing, your business is poised to see sales jump. Once again, the specialist should be around after the campaign start-up to help interpret data and follow through with best practices in continuing the email marketing strategy.

It’s your business and remaining in charge is important. Working in partnership with a company, such as Solid Cactus, that is built with professionals experienced in proven eCommerce tactics and whose software provides the latest in consumer marketing maneuvers is your best choice for increased profits.

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