Creativity and experience are key to the ‘perfect website design’

It is probably a little misleading to say creativity and experience are the two key factors which lead to the perfect website. In truth there isn’t a perfect website design; ask any website designer. He, she or the team of designers involved in its creation will probably arrive at many potential end product finishes before the site is published live online. Even then when the final design has been approved by the owner, they will probably (more than likely) be looking to the future, mindful of emerging design, graphic and consumer trends which will rapidly make even the most ‘perfect of perfect’ websites seem a little passé.


If you are a business owner or indeed about to start a new business, you’ll probably be aware of how important an element a website is to the business. In fact you probably already have an idea of what you consider your ‘dream website’ will look like. What you need now is a designer who can turn that dream into reality, to mark out your territory on the World Wide Web.

But before you trundle off to the nearest web design agency, there are a few simple questions which need answering before you even venture out of your front door. You should be armed with answers for these because, if you don’t already know, these are the questions a web designer will ask before any design can begin to take shape.

Domain name

Without a domain name the site cannot be published live online. Maybe you already have a name in mind; however, the name should make a connection with the business, the product and services offered for sale and of course the niche in which your business will operate. Funky abstract names are best left alone; you want the name to be as simple yet as appealing to as many potential consumers as possible.

Text, images, infographics and logos

If you have images to produce for the web designer that is fine, but do the images do your products justice. Are the text and content pieces you want to use fresh, appealing and relevant? Professionally produced images deliver a much better message to visitors, as does the text, infographics and logos. Have some ideas or practical content/images, but be prepared to let the designer add their suggestions to the mix. You may want to consider a professional photo shoot of products for presentation on the website. Impress your visitors, don’t let them down with poor visual content.

Custom email addresses

Do not go for a generic email address or personal email address. One or more addresses which are attached to your business domain name are another sign to visitors that you’re a professional outfit.

Page structure

You may have seen several websites online which operate in your niche or marketplace. Do not be shy about presenting these website addresses to your designer. The wheel has already been invented so to speak…make use of it. It will make the designer’s job a little easier in presenting something which you like; it will also help you get across more easily how you want your website to appear.

Additional features and functionality

The world is your oyster. Slideshows, galleries, video presentations, a shopping cart and a live blog might be a few of the functions and features you desire. Your web designer will be able to advise on how best these features can be utilised to best show off your business website.

Social media connection

If your site isn’t connected to a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a YouTube account you could be missing out on a huge potential consumer audience and the cash they have to spend. Again, this is something your web designer can advise on and initiate, even before the website is constructed. However, you will need to have established and registered a domain name for the website.

Flash animation

This will give your website a dynamic appearance and a visual appeal through the use of animation. Dynamic flash will ensure that the website becomes aesthetically relevant, with animations appropriate to the products and commercial sector. With flash your designer will create a signature style for your website.

There are many other considerations to be taken into account, all of which are equally important elements in the creation of a stunning, evocative and aesthetically pleasing website. My research was conducted at although you may want to verify this by checking other info sources as well as this.




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