Drupal or Joomla: Which Is Better for Web Development


Today, internet is not just a source of various kind of information but now it has become the biggest business hub. Here, you can start your own business on the internet with the help of website. There are many different types of online business which can be started with the help of website development but these days, the Content Management Systems has gathered high level preference and online business priorities. The Content Management Systems popularity has become tremendously high these days.

There are so many Content Management Systems are available for online business owners. The Content Management Systems help you to manage your content professionally and it also include professional management for your images, text and videos. The functions make it even easier to manage your online content and it is really very effective marketing tool that will definitely help you in sales!

The Drupal and Joomla are two most appreciated and popular Content Management Systems which assist most of the online shopping stores. Drupal and Joomla both are best in their purposes so the comparison is really very hard. So, we can say it the matter of choice and need. First, you would need to understand both Content Management Systems which will help you to choose best one for your purpose.

Drupal: Drupal is highly successful Content Management Systems which offers you to develop websites, blogs, forums, RSS feeds and much more! You will get the freedom of choosing best theme according to your preference and taste. The Drupal support community is really very big so you will find answers of all your queries and solutions of all your problems in the support community. You will get the freedom to add images into your content and you can also modify them! You can easily check the patches and modules of Drupal with automatic built in testing function. The user interface of Drupal is really very use friendly and the administration menus are simple and easily accessible which makes it a convenient and preferable Content Management Systems!


Joomla: Joomla is an open source application which allows you to create corporate portals, websites, online newspapers, magazines, personal web pages and small scale business websites. You can easily install the Joomla application within few clicks! The caching option of Joomla increases the page loading speed. Joomla handy assistance and help system has been integrated in it so that you can get best and instant assistance for any issue. The web page creation is really very simple in it and you can incorporate the templates into your whole website or for any single page as well. You can customize and structure your own menu hierarchies which will affect basic content structure. You can organize your content in the better way according to your preference and requirement. You can distribute the permission between groups and users.

Now, after this information, we will look at the differences of these two Content Management Systems.

  • Drupal is a developer friendly Content Management Systems so you would need some technical expertise but Joomla would be perfect without any technical knowledge.
  • Drupal requires time for better understanding but Joomla is really very easy to understand.
  • Drupal offers better categorizing and organizing but Joomla is best suited for social networking websites.
  • Drupal is best for very complex websites and Joomla is best for social networking and e-commerce websites.
  • Drupal is considered highly secured Content management system.
  • Joomla is considered best for support and assistance.

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