Five Things Prospective Law Students Need to Know Before Enrolling

A career in law can be very rewarding and challenging, The hard work definitely pays off handsomely, but the path to getting what’s coming to you is a long one and not everyone’s cut out for the journey. You need to have a driven focus and determination like the eminent Nicolas Greenstone, it is worth reading about such people to see how to carve a solid career path and learn from people that have made the grade before.

There are certain things that some law students wish they knew before they got down to business. This short list should give you an idea on some of the more serious potential complications that you should consider before deciding to enrol in law school.

  1. How hard it is to land the first job

You bust your butt to get into law school, then you just bust your butt more and more. You do everything you need to be a lawyer, but it may not be enough to land even the lowest paying jobs. No matter what the University tells you, it’s hard for a graduate to land their first job in law. Many firms are taking on less and less graduates, lowering the amount of prospects that they keep on board, and decreasing the starting salaries – the amount you can expect to make versus what you expected to make is also often far off.

  1. How much time is spent reading

Everyone expects a lot of reading when going into a University law course, but no one realizes that it really does consume you. Not only will you spend many days where your entire course is just reading, but you’ll be headed to the libraries afterwards to sit and read more well into the early hours of the night. The hours are long, so make sure you don’t have a job or family to rush home to when your class is over, because the studying is never done.

  1. How much people will harass you for advice

Once you go into law school, your friends will immediately consider you as the legal advice guru. Many will think that you have all the answers. You will be surprised what questions will come up too. You may even hear a few crazy ones, such as how one can fool their way out of their mortgage through their home insurance policy. Just be prepared, it will change who you are seen as by those around you – further, you will start seeing different people around you as your colleagues will be who you spend most of your time with.

  1. How everything is about your next seminar or tutorial

What’s on your plate right now? If you’re in law school, it will always be the next seminar or tutorial that’s coming up. This is all that will matter and it’s all that your time will be available for. Having tutors work with your or a small group to interrogate you with the text tutorials is a great approach. Though stressful and often annoying, it will effectively pinpoint the areas that you are struggling with in your current tutorial. Hopefully you did well on the last one, because you have a whole lot to learn for the next one – every single time.

  1. How the career you’re working for might not be right for you

Harsh words – it’s really not a horrible career, but it has to be right for you. This doesn’t just mean that practicing law is right for you, but you need to know the right designation too. For instance, you won’t be happy ending up in corporate law if you’re someone that prefers to be pro-active and interacting with clients, instead of being bunched up in the office with endless paperwork to sift through.

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