How a Disability Attorney Helps With Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people who believe they may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits wonder if they should hire a disability attorney to help them with the ins and outs of the Social Security law. It is possible to apply and receive disability benefits without a lawyer, but the fact is, statistics prove that people who apply for Social Security disability benefits with the aid of a lawyer generally get approved faster and more often than those who do not. As a rule, the earlier in the process you obtain a lawyer the better.

What an Attorney Can Do

An attorney who is knowledgeable about disability law can help to present your case for Social Security benefits in the most favorable light. That is especially helpful in the initial phases of the process, such as when you are first filling out the application. In fact, the best time to contact an attorney is when you are first considering applying. Your attorney can also help ensure that everything regarding your application is done right. It is essential that your impairments be properly classified according to the Social Security blue book of listed conditions that qualify as a disability. Your attorney can also help you gather the necessary relevant evidence in the form of medical reports, testimonials and other information demonstrating your inability to work.

The Appeals Process

It is a myth that Social Security routinely refuses all applications on the first try. However, it is easy to see why such an impression exists, as about 70% of first time applicants are deemed ineligible. That means going through the appeals process, which is something that should never be attempted without the aid of an attorney. Only someone experienced in disability law can make the sophisticated arguments necessary to convince a judge that your case was wrongly denied. In other words, without an attorney to guide you through the appeals process, your chances of success are much less likely.

Legal Representation Makes a Difference

Every Social Security disability case is unique, therefore, an application for benefits or a subsequent appeal must be tailored to your specific circumstances in order to maximize the potential for ultimate success. That is why you should obtain a disability attorney as early in the process as possible, someone such as the qualified attorneys at the Parmele Law Firm, whose experience, compassion and in-depth knowledge of disability law can help to ensure that you receive all of the Social Security disability benefits you are entitled to.

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