How to Address an Irresponsible Landlord

Many of us have experienced first-hand the irresponsible tendencies of a landlord,
but what happens when their behavior becomes abusive or even illegal? It is
very important that any tenant who feels as if they are being taken advantage
of by a landlord be willing to consult with an attorney immediately. While
there are certain liberties a landlord can ‘sew’ into a lease (being able to
enter the property without permission based on XYZ), they cannot overstep the
boundaries the law provides for. A landlord cannot cut off their tenant’s
ability to have fundamental utilities based on a debt that is owed for example.
By utilizing the services of a firm such as Shapiro Legal, a tenant can have their
lease and other agreements looked over.

Due Process

If the need should arise for some aspect of a conflict to enter into a
legal proceeding, having an attorney present who knows how to utilize due process
would be very helpful. Often the first step in having a case brought before the
court will be to have the other side served with a summons to appear. Of course
in the event that it is the landlord that initiated legal action, the tenant
will be the respondent. Having an attorney available that can be spoken to at
length about what might occur during one of these proceedings is extremely
important. There is nothing worse than going to court and not being prepared.

Finding a Solution

Often all a landlord might need is a slight poke or prod from an attorney
in order to provide the services they are obligated to. Problems such as a landlord
refusing to repair the furnace
can leave a home in utter disrepair, and for
this reason it is very important to confront a landlord the right way as soon
as possible. Being able to find a solution to the conflicts that can arise
between tenants and landlords can be a huge challenge at times, but no one
wants to live in a home that they are uncomfortable in. Being willing to
compromise is important though, because landlords are human beings just like
anyone else. Ensuring that a landlord is aware of whatever problem is occurring
can sometimes be all it takes to solve the issue.

Staying Prepared

Amending the lease is one of the best ways to ensure that if problems arise
again with a landlord they will be addressed. Much of the trouble that arises
for tenant comes as a result of them not understanding what their lease
entails. Since leases are often written in ‘legalese’ it is difficult for many
to grasp some aspects of what they are agreeing to. It is always a good idea to
have an attorney take a look at any lease that is proposed in order to ensure
that it is fair to the tenant. If it is not fair to the tenant there is always
the opportunity to propose amendments to the lease in question.

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