How To Design a Productive Workspace

The key to productivity is knowing how you work and under which circumstances your productivity thrives in. In work and in school where stress levels are at an all-time high, ensure that your personal working space helps enable you to work at your own pace without compromising your well-being, and get as much work done as you want to. Here are some suggestions to do just that.

Keep It Simple

Unless you are someone who thrives and is most productive otherwise, a clean and simple workspace would help condition your mind to be organized. Your area should only have the necessary items to whatever it is you are working on so you can avoid getting distracted.


Purchase Top-Notch Equipment

Your workspace won’t be complete without the right equipment to help you do the job. Don’t get too zealous when purchasing your gear. Stick to the essentials and you’ll be fine. Head on down to to start looking for the right equipment for you.

Make Lists

It wouldn’t be cliché if it didn’t work for at least one person. Making lists according to urgency and importance makes your work tangible, and it’s easier to keep track of your progress when you have lists to tick off from. Plus, you won’t need the brain space you reserve for mental notes if you have them already written down.

Have A Calendar

Either you make your own or buy one. It’s good to have a calendar in your workspace so you can keep track of all the dates you need to remember. Using your phone calendar is okay, but writing things down helps you remember things better.


Have An Alarm Clock Ready

Use an alarm clock so you don’t have to check your phone every once in awhile and get distracted. Schedule your progress, try to maintain the momentum, and set a specific time for your breaks.


Keep Your Phone

Put it in a drawer, or put it on vibrate if you are expecting an important message or call. Having your phone near you might only tempt you to for it and using it for non-productive purposes.

Ensure All Your Work Gear…Works.

What good’s a productive workspace if your work facilities are on the verge of breaking down? Take your printer, for example. If you know it’ll no longer put out quality copies, even if fresh ink cartridges are loaded into it, you’re better off sending that thing to the recyclers and purchasing a new one. Lucky for you, commercial printers from the leader in office automation equipment are available for your consideration!

Hang Something Blue or Green on your Wall

Color psychology tells us that these two colors relax the eyes. In a stressful work environment, a bit of relaxation helps keep your well-being in check and would help you be more productive.

Keep a Stress Ball Nearby

If you are fighting the temptation to reach for your phone or if you feel you are on the getting too stressed out, reach for a stress ball. It’s called a stress ball for a reason.

Maintain a Steady Supply of Healthy, Energy- and Brain-boosting Snacks

Reward your progress with a snack, like fruits or anything healthy to avoid feeling lethargic and to further fuel your brainpower and energy.

Enjoy Breaks

Listen to your body. Setting specific break times for yourself will help you recharge and avoid burning out. Don’t overwork yourself and risk mental and physical breakdowns. Working and being productive is good but also please take care of yourselves. There are already too many cases of people working themselves to literal death. Even machines don’t work properly if they are not maintained well. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull, unproductive, and tired boy.

There are no cookie-cutter ways to ensure that everyone will be most productive. After all, we are different people with different methods. But these suggestions, simple as they may be, may prove to be effective for some of you. In the end it is up to us to decide which methods work for us and help us achieve the level of progress we aspire to have.

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