How to Resist or Quit Smoking?

For most of you who are addicted to smoking or tobacco, the urge to reach out for one cigarette is so powerful. The best way to resist smoking is by controlling your mind. You must tell yourself that you will successfully control yourself and be alright in a couple of minutes. The urge for a cigarette stays only for 5-10 minutes and you will be alright after that, even if you do not smoke. However, mastering over an addiction is easier said than done.


In this article, we will suggest a few ways to solve your smoking problem. Try to follow at least some of these to be able to resist smoking.


Best ways to combat or quit smoking


The following are some effective ways which will surely help you to stay away from cigarettes.


  1. Replacement therapy for nicotine


You must consult with a doctor if you want to go for a nicotine replacement therapy. There are options for this therapy including-


  • Prescription nicotine through an inhaler or a nasal spray.
  • Commercial nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum
  • Non-nicotine and anti-smoking medicines such as Chantix and Zyban


The above options are short-term and the safest options to stay away from smoking. Presently, there is a lot of hype about e-cigarettes. However, there are no specific medical reports that prove these are safe for long-term use. In case a seller convinces you to buy e-cigarettes and you experience adverse side-effects, you should file a Juul lawsuit immediately. It is your right and responsibility to claim for justice for an accident or injury that you had to experience due to someone else’s mistake.


  1. Avoid urges


When you smoke often, it is difficult to avoid urges when you are trying to stay away from smoking. In most of the cases, you feel the urge to smoke, when you see someone doing it or somehow inhale the smoke. It is best if you can avoid situations like this and stay away from events that can trigger your urges. Controlling your addiction will feel a little easier in this case.


  1. Diverting yourself


The best way to control an urge to smoke is by delaying to give-in. Keep waiting and don’t just rush to grab a smoke just because you feel like it. After some time, try to make yourself busy or start diverting your mind. You can try going to a no-smoking zone or talking to someone else to avoid the urge.


  1. Physical activities


Being more active and participating in physical activities will help you stay away from your smoking addiction. Exercise early in the morning and try to breathe in the fresh air. It will not just energize you but make you a healthier person too. Do not miss workouts due to any excuse. If you can jog or run in the morning, it is the best. Otherwise just do crunches, squats and other strength and cardio exercises for the best results.


Final thoughts


Quitting an addiction is indeed difficult but it is certainly not impossible. Try to follow some of these tricks and you will surely see results soon.


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