Important Reasons Why Data Management is So Important in Marketing

Do you make marketing decisions based on a gut feeling or based on cold, hard facts? The way data is stored and used is playing a bigger role in today’s marketing campaigns and there are many good reasons for this. Below are some of the most important reasons why data management is now so important in marketing.


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You Understand Your Market Better

The organizations that understand their market the best, are usually the organizations that are the most successful in their industry. They are able to provide the exact products and services their customers require and are able to take advantage of any opportunities that exist in their field. Companies who have a clear insight into what goes on in their industry can also become more competitive and have the knowledge available to avoid potential future problems.

You Can Base Your Decisions on Facts

If you use systems like the 89 Degrees marketing database, you can easily store and access all of the data related to your customer’s activities. This puts your business in an extremely strong position because you have all the information you need to make better business decisions based on real facts.

You Create More Targeted Marketing Campaigns

When you manage your data properly, creating efficient marketing campaigns becomes a much more straightforward process. Your business may have different types of customers who have different requirements. Once all of your customer’s data is contained in a data management system, you can segment this data and create specific marketing campaigns for different types of clients.

You Learn from Past Mistakes and Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

If you don’t have a record of the marketing and business activities that took place in the past, you could be making mistakes on an ongoing basis and not realize this is happening. However, when you have access to this information, it’s much easier to identify failings in your processes and past campaigns and once you can do this, you are then able to continually improve and refine each marketing campaign you run.

Different People Can Work on the Same Marketing Campaigns

The digital nature of data management systems means different people can access the data on these systems. As well as this, these people don’t all have to be in the same location because it’s possible to access marketing-related data over the internet or through a wide range of devices. This is a much more flexible way for a marketing team to work together.

You Can Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Once your business data is in a digital format and is stored in a database, you can automate many of your marketing activities. This is often a more reliable and faster way to market to your target audience and lets you and your marketing team focus on other more important tasks.

Managing your data in the correct way has the potential to make your business a more efficient organization. Your marketing activities in particular, can benefit in each of the ways mentioned above.

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