Is your local crime rate affecting the price of your house?

Among the many considerations which must be made when looking to purchase a home, from the range of relevant local amenities to the nature and lifestyle of prospective neighbours- criminal activity in a properties surrounding area is an increasingly noted concern.

While crime rate is hardly something that may be defined or pinpointed beyond all doubt in any given place for a significant period of time, the availability of statistics disclosing not only the amount of crime happening in an area, but it’s nature- is certainly on the increase.

Unlike ever before, home-hunters are really able to delve in and crunch the stats relevant to their area(s) of interest.

Previously, we looked at some of the more, shall we say ‘criminally active’ areas of the northern English city of Chester. Now we’ll continue on this trajectory- pretty much picking up where we left off with the view of drawing some overtly profound conclusion…eventually.

Vicars Cross

Vicars Cross is a suburban area of Chester city, located on the east side. With an approximate population of 6,000- the region is made up predominantly of housing. Noting 1705 crimes over the course of the last year, the Cheshire police department currently rank Vicars Cross as the 5th most criminally active area in Chester.


A civil parish in its own right and a large, mostly suburban area of the city of Chester- Upton is home to around 8,000 people. Like many regions on the outskirts of prominent British towns and cities, Upton noted a huge boom in housing developments following the Second World War. Though this has levelled somewhat in recent decades, mostly as a result of all the land being used up, a constant population has been maintained since. Cheshire police received 1493 criminal complaints in the last year.


Though forming part of Chester’s metropolitan area, Saltney is an area which geographically belongs to Wales. As a border community, the region has noted a fluctuation in population numbers over the years, though at the time of the 2001 census the figure stood just shy of 5,000. A predominantly suburban area, Saltney noted 1256 criminal incidents in the past 12 months, according to figures recorded by Cheshire police.

Little Stanney

A tiny suburban village on the northern edge of the Chester city limits, Little Stanney is home to only a couple of hundred people- yet stocks amenities utilised by many who live outside of the parish. Perhaps it is this consistent influx of visitors to the area that is to account for the 1178 isolated criminal incidents reported as occurring there in the last year.



Great Broughton

As a prominent township and district within wider Cheshire, Great Broughton encompasses the areas of Broughton Heath and Vicars Cross within the city of Chester. While the population of Great Broughton peaked considerably in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the number of individuals who call it home is on the decline. Regardless of housing a population 2,627 people (according to the 2011 census), 1020 crimes were committed in the area this past year.

The Dale

Lying some 2 miles north of Chester city centre, the Dale is an area of the northwest known largely on account of its housing of military personnel. Currently occupied by the 1st Battalion the Royal Welsh, Dale barracks have been home to many a soldier and their family over the years. A little surprising then that crime figures for the area reached 525 over the course of the last 12 months.


Now we’ve established those areas worst afflicted by criminal activity, it’s time to identify the most prominent types of crime…next time. Visit for more information.

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