Learning Proper Office Printing Machine Etiquette

The office is where you will encounter different characters and personalities. And it is also where everyone shares common office equipment such as computer printers and photocopiers. Learning how to use these machines properly is something that should be learned by each employee.

Paper Trays and Ink Cartridges

Do not leave them empty. As soon as you see that the tray has run out of paper or if there’s no more ink, replace them at once. Should you be unable to replace the ink cartridge, ask someone who knows how to do it. There is nothing more annoying than having to print or copy documents and then finding that the paper tray or ink cartridge is empty. Office conflicts can sometimes be a result of employees not being mindful of correct etiquette when it comes to using shared equipment.

Helping a Co-Worker Use the Machine

There may be one or two employees who may not know how to operate these machines, and it is common courtesy for those who know to help out whenever they can. Letting inexperienced co-workers use the machines may result in damage, which can then lead to the whole office not being able to use the equipment. If your machines are leased from a company like www.copyrightsystems.co.uk, they will provide technical assistance for broken equipment.

Printing Personal Documents

Using office equipment to take care of personal matters is a big no-no. It might be regarded as no big deal to print personal documents on office printers and copiers, but the more employees do this, the more it will cost the company in consumables such as ink and toner; and they are not as cheap as you may think. Make sure to print personal stuff at home or if you do not have a printer or copier at home, there are shops that offer printing services, which will not cost a lot.

Adjusting Printer or Photocopier Settings

Do not adjust the settings on the printer or photocopier without informing the other users. Should you need to do so, you can adjust the settings but revert them back to the default settings so that the next user will not have a problem printing or copying their documents.

Throwing Away Someone’s Printed Documents

Sometimes, there will be some documents left in the print tray of the printer or copier from previous users, and it is proper to let them know that they have left documents in the machine. Do not throw them out just yet; ask around first to find out who owns the documents.

Maintaining proper etiquette when using printing machines and other office equipment will allow your company to eliminate any issues stemming from their use.

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