Personal Communication Skills Are Vital

The true art of talking must never be forgotten. Modern technology and the Internet provide invaluable support, but the word to remember is support. They can never do the actual job for you, and never lose sight of that important fact.


The Internet and social media, as a consequence, have had a major impact on human behaviour. Far fewer people actually talk, and some even hide behind the convenience of email. You may think it allows you to do more in the day, but the question you need to ask yourself is whether you are sacrificing quality for quantity.


Quality comes from meeting face to face, ideally – but it certainly comes from actually talking rather than using email or texting. One of the reasons why you may have been successful in business, and certainly in the recruitment business, is likely to be your communication skills. If those skills predated the widespread use of the Internet and email, you may now be ignoring one of your main talents.

Many people are not actively looking for a job but would happily move if something came along that was more interesting and rewarding. You are unlikely to find such people by flooding the world with emails. The challenge has always been to find clients that are looking to hire as well as people to fill those gaps, but it seems that many agencies feel that this can now be done by using social media almost exclusively. You should certainly use it and always reply to any posts that come your way, but it is not the place to recruit the people who are happy where they are.

Your time

If you pause for thought, you may decide that you need to be more proactive and make better use of your time. If you are stretched because you do not see enough hours in the day, you perhaps need to look a little bit further into how you can create more hours. It need not mean more staff members. You can outsource some of your administrative functions.

Service industries

There are many service providers out there, and this is where the Internet becomes very useful. If you go to popular search engines, maybe Google, Bing or Yahoo, you can find companies who offer, for example, payroll services. If they specialise in the recruitment sector, all the better. You can take your time over a decision. First of all, you want to read and fully absorb what might be on offer. You will certainly be able to do that because websites have become the major marketing vehicle of most companies. Should you have any questions and want to make contact, even that will not obligate you in the slightest. A good company will be able to guarantee absolute security and confidentiality, and you may just be able to create that time to talk.

Simplicity in Business makes it easy for recruiters to focus on the main issues, which mostly revolve around actually talking to people. The more people you can talk to in a day, the more successful you are likely to be in business.


Image attributed to Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee


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