Pet worth – Insuring you Fuzzy Friend

Imagine waking up one morning and finding out that the puppy you brought into your home from the streets, nurtured and took care of; cuddled up next to on a cold night, is no more? A graver scenario that would rip your heart into shreds is to know that the pet you adored fed and bathed; considered it as a part of your family, is now suffering from a serious illness and you just do not have sufficient finance to take care of the treatment and medication.

Family ties that matter

We all have insurance, health or medical and even policies that cover our life. Our homes and cars are also financed and insured. Then why shouldn’t you go ahead and insure your pet whom you consider as a part of your family.

If you sit to calculate, you will realize that you actually pay much more on your veterinary bill than compared to your Pet Insurance, that’s if you do have your pet insured. As a matter of fact, the amount you will spend would sum up to just one third of your vet bill. If money is the question here, then insuring you pet would save you a lot as it takes vet fees, medical visits, medication and accident induced injury into its purview.

Treatments which were once reserved for humans, radiation and kidney transplants for instance, are not available for your pets too. Well, you do know that such facilities and treatments could set you back by anything ranging from $1000.00 to $ 5000.00. So here is another good reason as to why you should get your pet insured. On an average, Pet Insurance plans can cost anything from $ 14.95 to $ 50.00 on a monthly basis.

Plan to benefit

Benefit plans come in four different coverage schemes:

Lifetime Scheme: Here, the insurance covers the vet fees up to a certain limit on a yearly basis. You will have to renew your policy to avail the benefit. The amount of coverage is the same no matter the number of claims you make for your pet. This is the costliest of the four schemes as it covers long term illness as well. Treatment for such cases could go up to $ 100.00 per month. So this plan is definitely helpful to your pet and is a saviour on the pockets.

The ‘Maximum’ scheme is next where the vet fees are covered based on the pet condition and treatment given. This Pet Insurance plan comes with a financial limit. Time limited or twelve month scheme plans are another option and come with a maximum coverage amount based on the seriousness of your pet’s condition. The final scheme covers accidents only.

Some factors that may affect your choice of insurance plans are your location, the age of your pet which is integral to the insurance policy and the breed of your pet.

Some insurance companies that you may refer to are, PetPlan, Healthy Paws, Trupanion and Pets Best. Your buddy deserves the best.

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