Revealing What Is Hidden Beneath

There is a diverse range of uses for X-rays. Everyone will have come across their medicinal uses to reveal fractures and human tissue problems. Most do not realise how the extensive use of X-rays has made the industrial environment safer. The only real way to check the quality of pipes is by using X-rays that can identify any weaknesses. Those weaknesses are most likely to happen at the joins; that is to say the welds. If they are inadequate, then they are accidents waiting to happen.

There are many sectors where you may not have realised how vital the use of X-rays has become. One is the aerospace industry, where there is certainly no room for error, especially because pressure is ever-present. Another quite surprising use of X-rays is to authenticate artefacts for museums.



In the aerospace industry, there is no room for error or compromise; quality is everything. The consequences of any structural failure do not bear thinking about. Whenever there is an accident on a passenger aircraft, an investigating team is immediately appointed to find out the causes so that a similar thing does not happen again. The final report that these investigators produce often leads to changes in FAA recommendations and procedures.

X-ray inspection has to be thorough. An inspection portable can reach any fairly inaccessible place on an aircraft. The equipment cannot be too heavy, of course, yet it still has to have the quality to do the job. If you require such equipment, you should be looking for a supplier that has many years of experience and can point to its success over that time. There may be several different pieces of equipment to choose from, and good advice is always welcome.


X-ray technology is useful for things far older than the aerospace industry. It helps museums all over the world to gather more knowledge on specimens of every kind: paintings and sculptures, fabric and metal. A fine example is in art. An X-ray can see through a painting without touching it; that can often reveal something else on the canvas. Old Masters have often been found concealed by fairly bland paintings painted over them.

Delicate handling

Restoration work is certainly easier if X-rays can reveal exactly what problems need to be tackled. They can be used for the most delicate projects without any risk of damage. The concept of non-destructive testing has proven to be beneficial to modern industries of all types. There are ancient artefacts that would be damaged by a single touch of a human hand. Their handling or investigation can now be done using X-rays. They have revealed a whole new world to us.

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