Safety Surfacing & Other Things To Consider When Designing A Playground

If you are someone that has been put in charge of designing a playground then of course this is something that you will want to get right. When you are putting together something for children to use it has to be more than just a couple of climbing frames and a slide put close together – there is so much more to think about!

The Design

Although the design of your playground isn’t the only thing that you need to think about, it is something that needs to be taken seriously. It goes without saying that you want a playground that children are going to fall in love with and want to spend time in. Make sure you spend time doing research into what play apparatus are available and think about the design of these.

Target Audience

A big part of the design will depend on  the age of the children you are designing for. It should go without saying that a playground designed for 4 year olds is very different to one that is designed for 12 year olds. Of course you can have a playground that has equipment for both, but you’ll probably want these in slightly separate areas. The good news is that when you do start to shop for playground equipment the retailers will usually be very happy to give you help and advice on what is appropriate for the age(s) you are targeting.

Safety First

Another thing that you should give a big consideration is the safety of the children that are going to be playing there. Of course no one can expect you to stop accidents from happening altogether, but you should have measures in place to ensure injuries are as minor as possible. One item that is essential is safety surfacing. There are different types of safety surfacing that you can get, but they’re all designed to stop accidents being too bad if children fall off of climbing frames and swings – which let’s face it, they’re bound to do!

What About The Parents

When you are designing the playground, if you have room then try to have a seating area for parents. These days it is essential that parents accompany their children to the park and you want to make this as enjoyable as possible. Of course you can look at picnic tables and other relaxation areas but even just a set of benches is a good place to start.


All of this might sound amazing but it also costs money! The budget that you have available to spend will have a massive baring on the playground that you design. Of course you can’t scrimp on items such as safety surfacing but it could mean that you have to look at ways to save money on the other areas within your playground. Just remember that children are easily pleased so whatever you design, as long as you have put thought into it they’re bound to love it.

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