SEO Advantages For The Domain Name Registered With Country Code For India

In modern days of business scenario, it is important to develop a website that enjoys the desired degree of online presence. The visibility of a website remains determined by the domain name of the website. Hence, it is important to ensure that domain name you choose can target the desired amount of online traffic. Since the domain name is looked upon as an important part of the Uniform Resource Locator, you must understand the importance of the same in finding the website online.

Myriad Of Advantages

If you are looking to market your website in India, it is important that you are able to include the country code for India. Doing the same proves to be helpful if you are conducting business in one specific country. A few among many of the advantages you can expect to benefit from by means of registering domain names targeting country specific traffic can be as highlighted below:

  • Buyer Confidence
  • Gather Right Information
  • Search Engine Benefits

Search engines will give high ranking to all websites that boast of the top level domain of the search country. If you are searching for widgets in India, a site named will get ranked higher as compared to any of the other product that has top-level domain.

Generate Quality Single Links

Targeting top level domains will also prove to be of real benefit if you are looking at the option of including your website in the Directories of India. Getting listed in the Indian websites will prove to be of real benefit as the same helps in improving website ranking. Since getting featured in the local sites helps in generating one-way links thus; you need to opt for domain names that feature country code for India. As compared to the reciprocal linking, the single links are considered to be graded higher. Apart from the domain name registered with country code for India, there are many other points to be kept in mind as mentioned:

  • Short Domain Names
  • Never Stuff Excess Keywords
  • Do Not Forget Website Brand
  • Place Main Keywords

While implementing the above-mentioned SEO techniques, you need to bear in mind never to overboard from excess optimization techniques.

Local Targeting

The single most advantage of opting for country specific TLDs is that it will provide you the right platform, in order, to be able to attract traffic from specific areas of the world. The advantage of local targeting is achieved since search engines will offer you with different search results based upon the UP address of the person involved along with the search process. If you are visiting Google from India, you will be taken to rather than Thus, it makes sense to take into account the same while including the country specific codes in your domain name. It is not only about including the country specific codes in your website but also submitting in the local business directories, in order, to be able to improve website visibility.

Good Domain Names

If you are interested in benefiting from better domain names, it is a nice thought to opt for the country code TLDs. In a country code database, you will be able to make a choice from a wide selection of premium domain names. It often has been found that individuals opting for the .com/.net and .org are restricted with limited choices. As a domain name seeker, you need to bear in mind that it is a wise thought to choose as compared to the It is by means of choosing a country specific domain that you will be able to scale higher business heights.

Author Bio: The author of the article, Steven Joseph, has been associated along with the web industry for the past few years. He realizes the SEO benefits that can be enjoyed by means of including the country code for India in the domain names. 

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