Social Media Strategies to Increase Your Company’s Web Presence

Social media is an integral part of any company’s branding strategy. It gives all businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach out toward their target audience and build their brand. This is easier said than done, however; as Harvard Business Review puts it: “brand building has become a vexing challenge” in the era of social media outlets.


Consider these strategies to help you build your company’s web presence.


Focus on the right networks – Some companies do better with Facebook and others do better with Tumblr or LinkedIn. It’s not at all a viable strategy to create a profile with the exact same information on every last social media website. Not only is it a waste of time, you could also risk getting penalized by Google for duplicate content. It’s your job to find the channels that align with your company’s image, and to focus on those channels.

Develop your voice – If you want to establish a web presence, you must have a voice to do it with. With no personality, you have no brand. Identify your company’s culture and audience. If you want to have a casual personality, don’t create posts that come off as “businesslike”. Your content, keywords and hashtags should be reflective of the voice you are developing. You should communicate in a way that makes you seem authentic.

Use social media as a means to ENGAGE – Using social media channels just to share content and make updates about your business is a bad strategy. How can you get to truly know your targeted audience if you don’t interact with them? Engaging is as simple as commenting on posts, replying to Tweets, and giving feedback on videos. Polls are a fun way to interact as well, and provide a way for you to gain some insight on what your audience is thinking.

Optimize your company’s bio and profile – Don’t pass up the opportunity to include search engine optimization in your social media strategy. Your message should be consistent in all of your profiles, yet the way it is presented should be unique. As mentioned above, duplicate content should be avoided. Details should be the same, yet worded in a different way. Use keywords relevant to your industry and company voice. Avoid using any images that will slow the profile page down, as page loading speed is a factor that affects search engine rankings.

Embrace visuals – Speaking of images, make sure you are using the right ones in an effective manner. They can be powerful tools to encapsulate your company’s identity and messages. Visual content should reflect your brand’s unique values and the topics your targeted audience is interested in. The Next Web explains that the use of effective visuals helps to “boost engagement, and spark up your social media”.

Look into media barter opportunities – Corporate trade organizations such as Sherwood Integrated Solutions typically work alongside media buying agencies on behalf of their clients. Including bartering as a funding option can be very advantageous to companies that need a social media boost because they lack the funds and knowledge that their competitors have. You’ll also get the benefit of liquidating unused product inventory or outdated assets.

Never post simply for the sake of getting shares and followers. Instead, think about how each and every action you take on social media can support your brand goals and perception.

If you need help developing the right plan, you can consult with Sherwood Integrated Solutions for some insight into media integration and corporate bartering. 

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