Some Employment Good Cheer for the Holidays

Just in time for holiday season, Prime Minister David Cameron recently told the House of Commons that the employment statistics for the last three months have been the best in four years. Naturally, he credited his economic revitalisation plan as a major contributing factor to these improved employment statistics. The truth is, nobody’s really sure why we have been surprised with these encouraging results, but given all of the depressing figures that we have been fed over the last several years, it is certainly good news. We can hope that the trend continues unabated over the next several years.




A First in UK History


One of the things that stand out from the latest employment reports is the fact that for the first time in history, over 30 million people are at work in the UK. This has dropped the unemployment rate from 7.6% to 7.4%, which might not sound significant, but still means that a lot of people have recently found employment. To put it in perspective, over 500,000 more people have a job now than a year ago, which is certainly good for those individual households and for the economy in general. It seems that all sectors of the employment spectrum were positively affected. Those that had been out of work for over a year decreased by 33,000; however, there are still 866,000 people who have not been able to find employment for over a year. Even the youth market, which had been severely affected, dropped somewhat, with 19,000 more people gaining employment. Still, there are almost 1,000,000 of our young people still looking for a job.


Looking for Quality Employment


While David Cameron is obviously basking in the glow of these positive results, Labour leader Ed Milliband felt it was necessary to comment that by taking a closer look at the statistics, almost 1.5 million people are actually working part-time, or in jobs that don’t have a tremendous amount of job security. This implies that certain parts of the UK economy, such as manufacturing, need to establish a better foothold and have a more viable future, so that they can guarantee more permanent and secure jobs. Milliband also went on to point out that the average wage was in fact lower than a year ago, by £364, and that according to his figures it is lower by over £ 1,500 for the period leading back to the last general election. That may be true, but one interesting aspect of the latest report indicates that most of the new jobs that have been created are actually outside of London, benefiting almost every single part of the UK, except for the South.


Helping More People Get Back to Work


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