Striking the Customer-Staff Relationship Balance

The customer is always right” is the phrase that constantly reverberates around stores all across Britain. Striking fear into the hearts of employees while filling customers with glee, it is a phrase that seems to make sense if you’re making profits the focus of your business at all times. However, simply keeping the customer happy can have an incredibly damaging impact on staff morale and, if you’re not careful, staff can easily feel very disheartened, leading to a workforce that isn’t working at full capacity. Everyone deals with complaints differently, and finding a balance between your customers and your staff members can be challenging. Here, are some incredibly simple tips to help you strive to find the perfect balance.

Be Sure to Take Both Sides of the Story

In retail especially many staff members feel aggrieved because their supervisor makes a decision without establishing the full facts of the matter. Remember that not all decisions have to be instant and taking your time to establish the full facts will lead to both enhanced staff morale and more accurate results.

Strive for Accuracy and Accountability

Often, with grievances, many people struggle because stories simply do not add up. Even once you have both sides of the story, they may not add up and you’ll have to make a judgement call. To make this easier, you really need to ensure that you have all the tricks of the trade available to you. Even simple software like Lanonyx call logging software can help you make decisions based on the facts and what stories add up. Accuracy should help you find the perfect results.

Fully Explain All Decisions

Finally, when the decision has been made, fully explain it to the staff member in question fully. Although staff members may not fully understand your decision (or necessarily agree with it), at least speaking to them about it will keep them in the loop and give them the chance to vent any frustrations. Remember it’s a two way relationship between you and your staff – this is the best way to maintain it.

To conclude, by ensuring that your staff members are involved in all key decisions you can drastically improve staff morale. Often, staff grievances arise because they feel as though they are either being left out of big decisions or are being undermined by their managers. By logging calls, taking both sides of the story and explaining decisions, you can prevent this and keep both the customer and the staff member happy. 

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