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Everyone is rushing around at 100mph, trying to do multiple tasks with one device as quickly as they possibly can, and mobile technology is at the heart of the reason why. We’re now able to access the Internet, word processing software, music and games from just about anywhere and the more we’re able to do with one gadget, the more we want to do with the same item.


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers have opened up a variety of new opportunities for users, enabling them to get their entertainment fix when they’re sat in the passenger seat on a long journey, or allowing them to keep working on the all-important project that’s due in the next day while travelling to a business meeting on the train. Essentially, downtime is a thing of the past, and when people aren’t busy working they want to be entertained. Mobile gaming is one of the biggest industries and it is growing in popularity all the time with sites like Mecca Bingo presenting the chance to play their games on the move, and developers looking to release the next Angry Birds.

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The app that involved throwing some seriously annoyed birds at solid structures became a global phenomenon. Breaking all previous records for gaming apps for the smartphone and tablet market and it was purely and simply because it was just so addictive. Users could play for hours on end, attempting to reach the next level and to get as many points as possible. Then, just when you thought you were nearing the end of your quest to destroy every computer-generated structure with nothing more than a few birds and a catapult, the developers would release an update with a range of new levels or a special themed edition to keep satisfying the demand.


In the ‘old school’ era of console gaming, players would get their excitement from completing various tasks and unlocking new levels during some kind of quest. Whether it was to save a kidnapped princess or rescue someone being held captive by bad guys, you had to beat a number of baddies along the way. When Temple Run was released onto the mobile gaming market, this buzz reached the handheld device in such a way that you could almost feel it pulsing through the phone or tablet. Making your character run and jump with the swipe of a finger was not only incredibly easy, it was great fun too and immensely addictive.


That’s the best thing about gaming, the addiction. Some might feel that it’s unhealthy to be so fixated on a particular game that it’s all you can think about – getting home and switching on your console or leaving the office, getting on the train and whipping out the iPad to pick up where you left off because you’ve nearly finished a level. However, gaming keeps the brain active and helps you to work on your coordination, especially mobile gaming where it’s all about the hand and eye.

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