The best niches for business startups in 2016

Is 2016 is the year that you will finally breathe life into that business idea that you’ve been procrastinating on?


If you are looking to start up a company that will become so successful that Marc Leder will be calling you up to buy a piece, then look into getting into the following niches…


1) Geriatrics


The boomer generation was one of the biggest cohorts in American history. Now that we are 16 years into the 21st century, many of them have entered into retirement. Flush with cash, there is no end to the products that this generation will purchase to deal with the unavoidable aspects of getting older.

Now is a great time to begin investing in retirement homes (or the REIT’s that manage them), and creating products and services that will help make their lives easier.


2) Social Media


As much as social media is derided by some in the establishment, its popularity among Millennials means that it is here to stay. Less than a decade has passed since it has appeared on the scene, and many businesses are still struggling to figure out how it can be used to enhance their revenues.

They also don’t grasp how social media can be used against them, as there are review sites out there that can worsen a company’s reputation. If you are well-versed in this aspect of the internet, opening a social media consultancy will get you a long lineup of clients that are eager to improve their chops in this area.

By helping them use social media to increase engagement and practice effective damage control, you’ll be making a big difference for countless companies in your area.


3) Content Marketing


As people have been spending more time on the web and less watching television, marketing has been going through some significant changes. Online consumers don’t watch advertisements in the same way they do through traditional media sources.

Even YouTube, which periodically serves up ads that mirrors what one would see on television, gives viewers the option to skip them after about five seconds (and that’s assuming that web surfers don’t already have an ad blocker installed in their browser).

Many corporations have embraced content marketing, part of which involves placing advertorials on heavily trafficked websites and blogs. By starting up a firm staffed with writers that are skilled in the art of nuance, you can craft articles for corporate brands that will increase awareness and sales of their products without turning off readers in the process.


4) Clean Energy


With the first 16 years of the 21st century being defined by a series of devastating hurricanes (Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, anyone?), fires (Fort McMurray and the Victoria brush fires in Australia stand out), and droughts, it is painfully obvious by now that climate change is real.

As a result, the public here in America and around the world are eager to do whatever they can to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels. If you have an idea for a company that will, for example, roll out retail solar installations for a lower cost than ever before, there is no better time than now to get started.

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