The Best Tools for Business Growth

Growing an existing successful company is different than just launching a new business. Instead of introducing everyone in the world to your new product, services, and mission – you’re going to revisit your best points to the people who’ve already bought from you in the past, and inspire them to buy your products again, buy new products – and refer your business to their friends and colleagues. No matter if you plan to reinvent your business, or just grow the existing business you already enjoy – you’re going to need to understand how to launch this business growth well. In this article we’ll take a look at the business growth mindset, tools to grow your business, and how to ask for referrals.

The Business Growth Mindset

As you seek to grow your business, it takes a major shift in mindset to successfully accomplish this task. In some ways, it’s as simple as understanding that even if you’ve already succeeded at something – you’re going to need to take things up a notch, above where they’ve been. This doesn’t mean you need to try to squeeze water form a rock – continuously asking more and more from already successful employees and managers. Instead, think about the best portions of your business that are already succeeding – and think about how you can duplicate these departments with more employees, more product, more of what works in general. If you can think in a way that is constructive, and architect a growth strategy that will actually work like it’s worked before – but on a larger scale – you can grow your business.

Tools to Grow your Business

If you’ve been working successfully in your current industry space, or perhaps local market – you probably have sales and marketing tools that you stick to, that work for you – and you know the one’s that haven’t – dropping them to the sidelines. As you expand to new customers, new themes, new groups, etc. – you’re going to need to revisit some of the marketing tools you haven’t investigated yet – or maybe disregarded based on lack of performance in your existing area. If it’s been a long time since you’ve chosen marketing mediums, you need to understand how the industry has changed. Social media, paid search advertising, and retargeting are some of the best and essential new technologies out there. It’s always good to keep classic, bulletproof marketing media like Printing marketing and direct mail. Even mailing out a small postcard with your business card attached to it can get a serious response in a new market community.

Referrals: How to Ask your Customers

It’s proven, one of the best ways to grow any business in any industry is to get your customers to market for you. While this isn’t as easy as it may seem, there are some proven methods to get your customers on board with marketing your goods to their contacts and friends. Consider starting a referral program where you give away your products to both your customers and their friends when the friend makes their first purchase. Other methods for increasing customer referrals include simply helping make it easier for your customers to talk about the products and aspects of your business they already like. Consider adding social share buttons to all of your website pages, and promoting referrals within order receipts, packaging, and other places customers will naturally look. If you can get all of your customers to refer even 1 or 2 of their friends – and only every tenth one of them becomes a customer – you’ll still see your business grow quickly and readily.

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