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The Evolution of Trading Pins

Trading lapel pins is a long-held tradition in a variety of venues and industries. From baseball fans to the Disney connoisseur, people of all different ages and interests in life have found collecting trading pins to be an enjoyable way to connect with all kinds of hobbies and pastimes. Some types of lapel pins are meant to be worn for particular purposes, while others are created almost solely for the purpose of collecting them. The original purpose of these pins however were not for collecting purposes. Trading PinsThe Start of Lapel Pins

One of the original purposes for a lapel pin was for advertising campaigns. A lapel pin was frequently used (and still is) to advertise candidacy for government and other roles where groups of people are encouraged to vote. Another original purpose for the lapel pins were to advertise support particular causes or businesses. Today, collecting some of these antique lapel pins have become a hobby to some, but original intent was not for hobby or collection purposes.

Collecting Trading Pins

There are many different types of trading pins that can be collected. As mentioned above, sports are a common industry where fans are excited to collect and trade different pins. This is an old tradition dating back to the World Series of 1911 when lapel pins were created to commemorate the event. During this time however, these trading pins were referred to as press pins. This name originates from the fact that these pins were created for the purpose of allowing the press to enter the press-only areas. Today, pins are made from different types of material, often heavy and expensive metals to enhance their worth. During World War I however, when particular materials were carefully budgeted, the size and quality of materials were decreased.

Another popular trading pin are Disney pins. At Disneyland, at any location around the world, patrons are able to trade pins with any Disney employee who carries a collection of pins around their neck. With a great deal of pins available to choose from, many Disney enthusiasts enjoy collecting and trading new and antique pins.

Professional Purposes

Custom lapel pins are often used to commemorate significant achievements in the workplace or other group organizations. Awarding lapel pins is a common way for employers to give recognition to their employees for a particular achievement. Many companies award various lapel pins when an employee has reached a certain number of years with the company for example. Some companies commemorate milestones such as 5, 10, 15, or more years with a company by awarding lapel pins of gold, silver, or other long lasting metals. Lapel pins in these instances are generally customized to represent the company or organization in which the individual has participated in to reach the achievement. Generally these types of pins are meaningful representations of an achievement so that an individual can not only have a physical portrayal of their accomplishment but a way for others in the organization to recognize their award.


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