The Importance of Business Signage

For businesses that have a physical location, one of the most important aspects of marketing is proper storefront signage. Unfortunately, business signage is usually one of the last aspects for local, small, and medium-sized businesses to consider a marketing effort. This is ironic because signage is one of the most important, cost-effective and reliable sources of sales out of all current marketing channels.

A Mobile Marketplace 

Most Americans pride themselves on being able to be fully mobile within their communities. With American driving more than they take public transit, they pass businesses on a constant basis. Over 1.6 billion miles were driven in the US in the most recent road traffic study. If you have a location on a primary or secondary road, your business location could see 30 – 70,000 vehicles pass by EVERY DAY. By not having an eye-catching, branded effective sign out front of your business, you are simply missing out on driving new business through your doors. 

Cost effectiveness

Out of all the marketing channels available today including Internet and digital marketing, TV and radio, newspaper and magazines and websites the most important and cost effective marketing method is still properly constructed signage. Cost-effectiveness refers to a number of marketing metrics including reach, readership, frequency, and cost per 1000 impressions. Reach refers to the geographic reach of any advertisement, storefront signs are usually considered to be very small reach marketing, generally limited to people passing by. These statistics can usually be found through your states department of transportation or possibly even studies done within your city. Readership refers to the ability of consumers to read and recognize your brand from your sign. This depends extremely on the clarity of the marketing of your sign including a proper logo, an explanatory tagline if needed and any visual cues that could be appropriate. Frequency is a number of times that the expected advertisement will be seen by the public. For storefront signage this includes the pedestrian and vehicle traffic outside of your business. Where the cost-effectiveness of storefront signage really shines is the cost per 1000 impressions. Generally a signage has a large upfront investment but its lifespan could be 20 years or more, which makes its cost-effectiveness the best return on investment out of any other marketing channel. It is estimated that a storefront sign has a $0.13 cost per 1000 impressions.

The ABCs of Your Sign

The core functions of the storefront sign should be threefold, including:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Branding your location in the minds of consumers
  • Creating impulse conversions and sales

Your sign attracts new customers by being a silent salesperson. However your sign is unobtrusive and non-invasive making it the perfect salesperson that most people will appreciate. Furthermore unlike a salesperson your sign never goes home and is constantly marketing your location and brand.

The second most important function of the storefront sign is to brand not only the business but the location for passing consumers. Any location signage should stand out enough to make an impression on any passer-by and provide visual cues for later memory recall.

By establishing a unique presence and branding ability your location sign will provide an impetus for consumers to stop in on impulse. Impulse purchasing can make up to 50% of all purchases on a consumer shopping trip. Ensure your business is in the mix with an effective storefront sign. The importance of a professionally designed and branded sign for your business should not be overlooked.


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