The Importance of Portable Appliance Testing

As a business owner you will know just how important it is to ensure the safety of your staff at all times, and one of the most important ways to do this is to make sure that all of your electrical equipment is working and safe to use. This is hugely important in business, and is done through a process known as portable appliance testing (PAT), where electrical equipment will be tested to ensure that it is working properly and it is safe to use by your team members. You can tell when an electrical appliance is safe for use, as you will notice that there is a sticker which will likely state its safety and when the test was carried out as well as when it is due to be tested again. You should also makes sure that you keep the certificates that come when the appliances pass the test, as this is good practice and shows that you have been ensuring the safety of your employees.


One top tip for PAT is to get one of your own team member certified, as this way you will not have to call in an external electrician. This will allow you to easily and regularly check out all of the appliances, and all you will need to do is get them qualified and then buy the necessary equipment, which you can easily pick up from appliance safety specialists such as Tester. PAT testing in an office environment is particularly important, and this is because most offices will contain a huge range of appliances that are connected to the mains, and this will most likely include computers, monitors, printers, scanners and plenty more. Items that are connected to the mains should be tested yearly, and this will include examining the plug, the cord grip, the casing and plenty more. Items like this fall under the first class of electrical appliances, and these are the most important to check.


Make Sure Tests are Carried out Regularly

The other two classes have different protocols to class one, but it is still important to have all portable appliances tested so that you are ensuring that they work properly and keep your workers safe. You may find that the easiest and most straightforward way to do this is to get one of your team members certified, but whichever path you take you need to make sure that checks are carried out on a regular basis.

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