The need for secure data destruction services

7703570718_c9dddf5dc8_oThere is great need for the deployment of a secure data destruction service provider. In order to avoid data breaches and to avoid penalties, you should go through the standard practices. The asset disposal should happen in an efficient way so that you will want to fight legal battles. Various kinds of IT equipment such as workstations, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and storage devices should be screened and data should be destroyed before selling to third parties. You should want to resort to physical shredding as well so that no data will be present on storage devices. The sensitive information should be destroyed before leaving the premises. In this context, you should go for Services for Hard Disk Shredding so that no trace of information will be left.

High quality data destruction services

If you engage high quality data destruction service for your needs, the data will be removed in a systematic way and there will be accountability if the data escapes from the established destruction channels. Through the on-site cataloguing system, each and every equipment that carries information on the premise will be accounted. The make and model of the manufacturer, serial number and asset number will be recorded. The data destruction should be accomplished at the site by utilizing a vehicle mounted shredder.

A certificate of destruction that shows complete details of the destruction will be issued by the service provider. The details of each and every item and the storage device will be mentioned in the report. It is possible to supervise the destruction process. Your staff will be present as live witnesses at the time of destruction process. Unwanted waste will be removed on the same day. If there are parts which can be refurbished, they will be sent to appropriate locations.

The waste will be managed so that it will comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. There will a procedure for data bearing items and non-data bearing items. The asset number will be printed on the hard disk when items are recorded. At the time of destruction, verification of the asset number and serial number will take place. Thus, there will not be any scope to lose information through the wrong channels.

Best practices to remove the data

Services for Hard Disk Shredding can be availed from reputed players from the market. If you implement a secure and well established platform, you will have complete knowledge about the data destruction method. You will ensure that all items which carry the data are destroyed in an efficient manner. There will not be any possibility to retrieve the sensitive information from the shredded equipment.

There will be a high level of satisfaction as you will witness the destruction process personally. The data protection obligations as well as environmental obligations will be met at the same. You will engage a service provider that complies with local and Federal laws. There will be complete evidence on the data destruction process and you will have a certificate in your hands. You will go through the most foolproof system so that the sensitive information about your clients or partners will not be leaked out of the system.

You will take advantage of the ability of your service provider so that the equipment will be destroyed at your premises. There will be absolute control of the data destruction service. There will not be any breach of information and you will not want to go through legal battles. The equipment and software that will be used by the service provider are approved by the CESG and their guidelines will be followed in letter and spirit.

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