The Right Stationary for Your Business

The correct business stationary can be very useful for attracting and maintaining customers and clients, and increasing the visibility of your brand. Professional stationary is essential for a professional business and you should think of it as a tangible ambassador for your product or service. It’s advisable to make sure there is a certain sense of cohesion across your company stationary in terms of colour and design. There is a huge amount of choice available on the market so make sure you pick the stationary that will make the right impression.


Your stationary will be the first thing that clients and other businesses notice when you are engaged in correspondence. Business cards are very important in terms of networking as they are left with a potential client. A shabby or poorly designed business card will not encourage a client to contact you or to use the service you are providing. Clients need to feel wanted and appreciated and the standard of the business card you offer them should reflect this.


The use of different types of stationary can be an excellent marketing tool. Think pens, pencials, brochures, folders, letters of thanks and apology, letters of recommendation and invoice slips. Having a greater variety of business stationary can help market your business in a subtle and creative way. Unique stationary means that your business will not be confused with another and not consigned to the junk mail pile. Make your stationary memorable with a distinct logo and don’t be afraid to use colours and patterns where appropriate. Set yourself apart from the competition with unique stationary designs that capture the attention of a potential client and pique their interest.

Envelope Printing and Supply

Choose a firm that specialises in envelope printing and supply to get the highest quality stationary. Some companies use dedicated printing presses and offer envelopes with multiples colours and bespoke designs. Custom styles work best for direct mail enterprises and marketing campaigns. Do you want manila envelopes, window or non-window styles, self-seal, gummed or strip seal envelopes? Don’t forget to include the company slogan beneath your logo and follow it with the mailing address and other relevant contact information. Some companies, including Rockhill First Class Envelopes, will send you a selection of free samples so you can make the best possible choice for your business. By projecting an image of seriousness and credibility, customers will be encouraged to trust in your enterprise.


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