Thinking Like a Buyer: Maximizing the In-store Experience

Owning a store seems pretty simple—you set up shop on a busy street, load up your shelves with merchandise, and let people saunter in to buy what they’d like. But behind the scenes can be the turning gears of a well-oiled machine or the grinding start and stop of a poorly maintained system. 

How many times have you anticipated what your customers want, only to find yourself with inventory you cannot move? Or have had difficulty tracking sales to properly stock your shop? Having a point of sale (POS) system can not only help you anticipate the needs of your customers, it can put you in control of your inventory management and counter sales with seasonal performance and sales history.

Managing Customer Satisfaction

As a business owner, you know that what keeps customers coming back is good customer service. And a customer’s main point of contention in retail is being unable to use their preferred method of payment. This may not be an issue in chains, but for mom-and-pop shops, it can prove a challenge. Point of Sale systems can take credit card or gift card payments without difficulty and without compromising customer security. POS systems can be wired or wireless so you can have standard registers or take payments on a mobile device. You can have a POS system for a variety of uses that will improve customer satisfaction by providing faster and safer checkouts and rewards programs that will not only allow you to reward your customers for shopping at your store, but keep track of inventory so you know what you need in your store to keep customers coming back.

A POS system will keep track of your customers and their buying history. If they have an account with your store, the system will keep all that information handy for your floor staff, and will even provide your sales people with contact information for your customers as well as payment methods, even in the middle of a transaction.

The Right Solution

POS systems offer a range of services from a complete system to a system upgrade. Many also offer training. If you are looking for retail solutions with a great return on investment, the right POS system can be what you need. Whether you are a restaurant, convenience store, grocery store or pharmacy, you can have the system you need for maximizing your consumers in-store experience.

With an automated inventory manager, you will always know what you need and how much you need. If you are running a retail business with hundreds or thousands of items in inventory, it can be very time consuming to keep track of what you need, how much you need and when you need it. Having too much inventory can use up operating capital and cost you in warehousing of overstocked items, theft, and expiration. Yet, running out of inventory can be just as costly to your business as frustrated customers leave your store and go elsewhere to find what they need. You may lose customers for good if they cannot find what they want and have to go somewhere else on a continual basis. It is bad enough to lose a sale because you do not have something in your inventory, but losing the customer is worse. Many businesses are using POS systems for their inventory management, so if you are not, you are inviting competitors to get ahead of you.

Time Savers

POS systems began in the 1970s and have continued to develop and improve continually over that time. They have gone from being mere cash registers recording sales of specific items to being mechanical employees. Their data systems are always accurate and they can perform calculations and record data you need to make decisions for your company in a fraction of the time. By cutting back your need to calculate this sale or that one, you can spend more time in-store where it matters: on the floor with your customers.

Having happy employees and happy customers is no easy feat. You may be one man, woman, or family running a small business, so you need ways of trimming down time you spend crunching numbers and more time finding unique ways to brand and market your business. Knowing that customer service is important, finding a POS for your retail business is vital. Help your employees to deal with the business of providing the best customer service possible. With POS assistance, you will know what your customers want and when they want it. You will never have to be unsure again when ordering your inventory and you will be able to grow your business.


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