To Avoid The Problems Before The Marriage Took Place

Florida has long been the retirement destination of senior citizens from all across the nation. And as often happens in lush tropical settings, love can bloom again for those who have been widowed or divorced for many years. While it’s always nice to keep the door open to finding a new love, there are some things senior citizens need to consider when mulling a marriage later in life.

Problems Before The Marriage Took PlaceOften by the time one retires and moves to Florida, financial decisions regarding estates have already been made. Perhaps the family home was sold and any children received cherished pieces of furniture or family heirlooms and all that remains are investments that will be divvied up evenly among the heirs. A new spouse during the golden years can shake things up a bit and cause dissension between previously loving family members who may be concerned that the distribution of assets will be adversely affected by the marriage.

Hurt feelings and resentment can be avoided when the senior citizen contemplating marriage discusses the matter frankly with all concerned parties. Certainly the prospective spouse should be made aware of financial contingencies and arrangements already in place. The marriage may cause certain adjustments to be made, and these should be discussed with any heirs to avoid hurt feelings and nasty surprises that have the potential to mar a lifetime of good memories after a death.

Consulting with an experienced Daytona Beach trust attorney before the marriage takes place can put the senior citizen’s mind to rest. He can be reassured that with just a few modifications, his beloved new spouse will be taken care of in the event of his passing first, while knowing that any children or other heirs will receive the bulk of his estate as previously intended. This may not be the most romantic discussion to have, but it is necessary to avoid problems and unpleasantness later.

Spend your golden years enjoying reaping the fruits of a lifetime of labor with your newly beloved, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have covered all the financial bases and provided for all of your loved ones after your death.

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