Top 3 Rugged Vehicle Mounted Devices for Businesses

Rugged systems in mobile, laptop, vehicle mounted or tablet form are the driving force behind many industries and without these many field-based, manufacturing and distribution companies wouldn’t be able to operate as efficiently as they do. These rugged terminals are growing in popularity with consumers too, who are looking for tougher tech to withstand the elements of every day commuting to more extreme trekking holidays. But for businesses that still haven’t toughened up, what vehicle mounted gadgets are the best buys on the market?

Before we delve into our top three, we thought we’d explore the benefits of vehicle mounted computer systems. For the manufacturing and distribution sectors in particular, rugged devices have been instrumental in the world’s obsession with results in real time, now companies in these industries can supply goods and capture data at every stage of its design, manufacture and delivery as it happens taking the customer on the journey from factory floor right to their doorsteps.

As well as capturing essential information efficiently and tracking in real time, rugged devices have a number of specialist features that increase productivity and improve safety for workers. There are many rugged vehicle mounted devices on the market, but we’ve compiled three of the best right here so you can harness the features and benefits in your own business….

Durabook VA10

If you are looking for a particularly robust vehicle mounted device, then look no further than the VA10 from rugged device manufacturing favourite Durabook. Known for their adaptable design and features, Durabook devices are used in a number of working environments and this device can be used in commercial vehicles, forklifts and trucks.

Features include:

  • Ignition controlled on/off function with customisable data delay
  • Power protection with built-in DC converter, power rest, polarity protection & sunlight readable display (optional extra)
  • Continuous power for up to 15 minutes after switch off
  • LCD display with touchscreen and tempered glass
  • Heightened operating and storage temperature
  • Dust and water resistant

Despite its high tech features and sleek design, the Durabook VA10 terminal is very cost effective in comparison with other models of similar standing available on the market today, making it a great buy for businesses looking for a good return on investment without the steep start-up costs. As well as the initial low unit cost being music to stringent business owners’ ears, the device also has very low maintenance costs due to its robust design and protected internal components.

DLI 9200

Our second option for businesses looking for a rugged vehicle mounted unit to improve productivity and safety in their workplace is the equally versatile DLI 9200. This compact computing system is a fourth generation model and offers ruggedized technology at its best! The model is highly resistant against all conditions found in manufacturing and distribution including excess water, dust, vibration and shock as well as extremes in temperature.

The DLI 9200 model comes in two different screen sizes – 12.1 inches and 15 inches – for added versatility in a number of industrial environments. The screen itself is touchscreen and outdoor readable making it the perfect companion on the factory floor or outside in the harshest conditions. This particular model is used widely by the emergency services as well as companies in the construction, storage, manufacturing and distribution industries where taking control of operations makes all the difference. The DLI 9200 fully rugged device is also the perfect addition to material handling vehicles and can connect to scanners used throughout the industrial environment to ensure your warehouse management system is seamless and Bluetooth enabled.

DLI 8500P

The DLI 8500P is a fully rugged vehicle mounted terminal that promises flexibility, performance and value, the model can be fitted in an industrial vehicle or to a fixed platform for your convenience whilst offering a broad set of features to adapt to a selection of working environments. Despite having a smaller touchscreen size than the DLI 9200 this device is still a popular choice for police, fire and emergency services vehicles as well as companies in the heavy construction or industrial sectors due to its evidence gathering features and tracking capabilities. The DPI 8500P has a number of wireless communication extras such as Bluetooth, CDMA, WiFi and GPS making it an essential tool for driving business and capturing that all-important data.

Brittany Thorley is an experienced technology blogger, by day Brittany works for Rugged Systems and enjoys sharing her expertise in vehicle mounted computers and other rugged devices.


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