Upgrade Your Office With These 3 Technology Hacks

Technology is shaping the workplace like never before. Offices the world over are going digital and doubling down on technology in order to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced and competitive economy.


With new technology, even small businesses can compete in the global marketplace. Innovations such as workflow software, analytics, digital marketing, and others are improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace and bridging the gap between companies and consumers.


Improving your workplace technology is a great way to reduce stress and raise productivity. Moreover, it allows you to automate repetitive work so that you can focus on creative work and more important tasks. In addition, workplace technology can reduce your workload and lead to better work-life balance. This allows you and your team to be more productive, more energetic, and healthier in the long run.


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1. Automated Email

Managing your inbox can eat up a significant chunk of your time at work. Plus, it keeps you from focusing on higher-value work like strategizing and planning. In the long run, this reduces your productivity and performance.


With email management software like Iterable and GetResponse, you can manage multiple emails, build customer profiles, and monitor important metrics. This helps free up your schedule and lowers your margin of error.


2. Online Task Managers And Virtual Workspaces

With all that’s going on in the office, it can be difficult to keep track of your team’s tasks and assignments. Online task managers and virtual workspaces help compress and summarize all work-related data such as deadlines, ongoing assignments, approvals, disapprovals, pending requests, and a host of other things.


Do away with multitasking and automate your workflow. Applications like Trello and Confluence enable remote collaboration and provide an overview of the different tasks and people on deck–all in the click of a button. This way, everyone in the office can work on assignments simultaneously and be notified of changes immediately.

3. Remote Printing

Communal printing stations can be a hassle–and a breeding ground for computer viruses. Save time by investing in a bluetooth or wifi enabled printer that allows you to print remotely and, more importantly, over a secure channel. USB-limited printers can only handle jobs from plugged devices. In a large office, you’ll be needing more than one to handle all the work.


Because the typical office prints documents by the hundreds (sometimes, even by the thousands), remote printers can save a lot of time and effort. Remote printers aren’t limited by proximity, which means you’ll only be needing one to service your entire office. That in itself is already a bargain.


Upgrading your office technology is a great way to boost productivity and save money in the long run. By investing in more efficient equipment and software, you’ll be able to do more with much less. Looking for affordable, yet high-quality office equipment? JJ Bender provides products like used digital printing equipment to remote copiers.


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