What is Remote Broadcast Technology Like Today?


Advanced Broadcasting for 21st Century
Remote broadcasting can connect an audience from a designated location using a microphone, touchpad device and IP address.


These signals are transmitted through Wi-Fi connections and portable automation systems for high-quality remote broadcast. Radio automation systems can broadcast from any location with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Live streaming radio and news broadcast are popular with a generation of young adults who connect to millions across the globe using high speed internet.


YouTube has also been a medium for expression and communication, now expanding its market to include web sponsorship and corporate support from big-name media outlets.

Technological Improvements for Remote Broadcasting
Through the transmission of audio and video broadcasting via internet, there has been greater improvements made with technology in the last decade offering higher quality of service. Analog audio broadcast were once transmitted through low-quality telephone communication. Later advances were made to expand connectivity using digital lines such as ISDN and DSL.


This technology is used to compress digital audio back to an original source from where it is received. Portable units make transmitting single-channel MPEG-4 files over modem connections easier than ever. Frequency extenders allow high-fidelity audio to be sent over regular telephone lines without losing higher audio frequencies. Equipment often used for remote broadcasts include ISDN and IP codes.


These are primarily suitable for IP connectivity employing audio data compression and decompression at each end. Applying these technologies for instant broadcast service allows you the freedom of controlling your own radio station without using expensive broadcast gear, antennas, limited range or long-distance charges.

Benefits of using Remote Broadcast Technology
Portable recording equipment and studios employ multi-track recorders which can be used with computer and mobile devices. These technological advancements have made communication more feasible for aspiring radio hosts and developers.


Remote broadcast uses mobility, cost efficiency and security as measures of controlling a program. Mobility deals with communication effectiveness using smartphones and mobile communication, combining programmable hardware architecture with IPhone and Android devices.


These devices greatly reduce the amount of equipment needed for a remote broadcast down to one or two pieces. These pieces include tools like hand-held microphones, multi-track and multi-channel production kits.

Products similar to the Comrex Access Portable features multiple transmitters and receivers that support live streaming using popular CODECs such as WIFI/Bluetooth for a wireless connection signal back to the studio. It is now possible to record an entire remote broadcast from your smartphone for time efficiency and cost.


With the balance between finding higher quality broadcast audio and video equipment, the question remains how effective is this consumer-generated audio hardware? The biggest concerns include effectiveness of equipment and loss of mobile services if depending on internet server connections is an option.


Security relates to the safety features of your electronic device. Most IT concerns directly deal with the tedious task of unlocking phones to install apps for mobile devices, which at times run in conflict with a company’s mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP).

The future of remote broadcast technology has opened the door for communication between millions of listeners. Audio and video equipment has improved the market for live streaming radio broadcast, news and web shows from the luxury of your home with limited assistance.


This has created more room for communication and expansion between the audience, helping a larger market of people with limited experience develop and control their own programs. It is only expected for remote broadcasting to grow in popularity as technology improves are means of communicating with each other.

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