What You Should be Doing to Forge a Career in Engineering

If you are looking for a career that will excite your creativity, spark your imagination and put you in a position where you can be part of an industry that designs and innovates then engineering is where you should be looking. This career not only gives you the opportunity to be part of the World’s ‘designers’ it can also be financially, personally and professionally, extremely rewarding. There are several branches of engineering that you can specialize in and there are many routes to success in this industry. People like Anura Leslie Perera are great role models to look to when it comes to engineering success, he started out with construction giants Caterpillar before specializing in shipbuilding and finally creating his own successful aerospace company, trendsetters such as Anura are great inspirations for would-be engineers. If this is a career that you want to aim for then here is how you should go about it.



As with any specialist industry such as engineering, you will need to attain the highest grades possible during your education, especially in the subjects of math and the sciences. Without these you will find it near impossible to achieve a successful career as these form the key components of engineering. After high school you will look to study engineering and the related area of specialization that you wish to work in whether it be computer engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering or any other of the branches.

Skills Required

First and foremost you will need to be driven and dedicated to success, you will be working on projects that require careful design and planning and you will need to be able to work to deadlines. Engineers are the creative minds of the World and you will need to possess strong levels of innovative thinking with an analytical approach if you wish to succeed in the industry. Finally you will need to be committed to working long hours if it is required, very often you will need to consume yourself with certain projects and this can lead to long days and nights, providing you possess these characteristics then engineering could certainly be for you.

Additional Learning

In order to succeed in this career you will need to become an expert in your field, something that is made more challenging by the fact that the industry, and the technology within it is constantly changing. You will never stop being a student of engineering regardless of whether you have 1, 20 or 40 years of experience. Right now you should be concentrating your free time on gaining knowledge and experience about your chosen branch of engineering and doing so autonomously. Seek out someone in the industry who can mentor you, look for internships or volunteer work with a private firm to broaden your knowledge, not only will this help you learn about the industry but it will also make you more appealing to prospective employers. 

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