Which is the Most Effective Form of Marketing for B2C Businesses?

When it comes to marketing your business it is important that you put your efforts in the right place in order to be successful and gain as many customers as you possibly can. There are an incredible amount of marketing techniques that you can adopt to promote your brand and knowing which are the right ones for you is the key. If you are going to be using a firm to handle this for you then ensure that you have checked them out thoroughly, there are a lot of companies out there that promise much but deliver little. In order to select the right company for you ensure you check out their feedback, SEOP reviews, social media comment and testimonials to ensure you’ve made the right choice.

In terms of effectiveness of different marketing strategies, these will be down to your particular area of business, it is important that you highlight which ones suit your product and your target customer base. Here are some forms of marketing that you could consider for an effective marketing strategy.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is where you work in conjunction with a non-profit organization such as a charity, you promote your brand and contribute to causes at the same time. This will give your brand a great deal of respect and increase your sales whilst doing something good for the World. TOMS shoes are a perfect example of this, for each pair of shoes bought, TOMS buys a pair of shoes for those in need.

Relationship Marketing

If you work in a highly competitive industry then relationship marketing could be perfect for you, in such a competitive world it is difficult for customers to trust and be loyal to brands. The key to relationship marketing is that you engage with current and prospective customers directly, perhaps through social media or by phone, whatever you do, don’t try to sell them anything. Once you have gained the trust and the loyalty of the customer, you can gently present your products to them, nobody likes the hard sell and this method will give you high quality repeat customers.

Point of Purchase Marketing

POP marketing focusses on the customers who are in the process of buying from you, in a shop setting it is about placing items near the till that customers could spontaneously buy, the online format is offering add-ons to their purchase or showing them what other people bought when buying their particular product. This is a great way to pick up extra sales from customers who didn’t plan to buy what they ended up purchasing.


Promotional Marketing

Give your customers an offer that they can’t refuse, slash prices for one week only, give out amazing promotions on coupon websites or give out spot promotions to existing customers. Many shoppers are always on the look out for promotions and if you can give them something special then they are not only more likely to buy your product, but more likely to buy it again once the price is back to normal.

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