Who are the hardest working people on web? – Web Marketing Experts

imagesOf all the people who are dependent on web for a living, probably web marketing expertsare the densest lot. In only the last two decades can we trace the advent of web as an ever emerging platform for almost everything under the sun! Heck! We did not even once consider that people would purchase suits, blazers, shoes, Television sets, kitchen accessories and even items as huge as fridge online. But then every great idea which has the potential to bring about a revolution is always laughed about in the beginning and slowly takes life over. When it did happen, the web rise to unprecedented popularity, lot of people wanted to make money out of it for obvious reasons.They all came up with their content and products and offering but hang on! How does it work? Shopping online was very new and warranted an understanding of so many aspects before you could even think of an online sales pitch. The how part was easy – business owners got their websites, their products and offering, the catalogs and contact points up and running in no time. Then came the toughest part i.e. getting clients or customers.

Web marketing experts

If you start to count the skills and attributes required to be a web marketing expert, you have to go in the following order:

  • You need to know about the web. Including but not limited to how the web works, who does what, what customers are looking for, how do they get it, how does the network work, who does the connectivity, what is the role of review sites, any general inclinations, specific factors influencing customers of a particular region, influencers from background and other factors including but not limited to social, cultural and economical.
  • You should understand business. The fundamentals are always important and they chase you till the end of your life. You need to have a firm grip on how business works and be good with numbers. Before you become a web marketing expert, you should be a marketing expert.
  • You should have great reception. What does that mean? Those means you should listen more and talk less; observe more and get less distracted; do more and get done less. You should be, in summary, a great receptor. You should be sensitive to customers, feedback, technology, changes of any form and your own skills.
  • You should always be ready to think out of box. A part of this being a web marketing expert is to think as somebody else – mostly as a customer or user of web. This is a critical skill and also one that comes with some degree of practice. You have to trust your instincts as they are conditioned to react most conveniently to a situation and are your best friends.
  • You should stay updated. The field of information technology, especially the world of web, is ever changing. As a web marketing expert you have to continuously keep updating yourself and adapting to new things as and when they arrive. A web marketing expert who is obsolete in his technical forte is a liability and liabilities are not entertained for long time.


Being a web marketing expert is not a piece of cake at all. You are under scrutiny at all times and the work you do impacts your organization directly. It is both a good and a bad thing. Strict and continuous scrutiny keeps many on check and pushes their adrenalin to keep going for the better. But for some it impediments their mental state of working and blocks them from taking any major decision. Whatever may be the case, feedback is inevitable for growth and so it will come in copious amount. A positive outlook and a learning attitude go a long way in building a great career.

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