Why every business needs a paper storage solution

All businesses struggle with the problem of paper storage. Despite the advances in digital technology, many companies also need to have an efficient paper back up.



The medical profession and storage problems


Anyone who has ever visited a hospital or their doctor’s surgery will be aware of the amount of manual record keeping in place. It’s not just the traditional paper envelope storing patient’s daily records that will be in evidence. X Rays and other larger objects also have to have a home. Archive boxes are a possible solution to this problem.


Storing older records


Increasingly, X Rays, blood results and other pieces of vital information can be scanned onto a computer and are easily accessible, but these developments have only come about in recent years. Patient records that date back to the 20th century will certainly include cumbersome X rays and storing these in an orderly fashion can prove to be a problem. If the GP’s practice invests in suitable sized archive boxes, then the storage of larger files need not be difficult.


Lawyers need storage solutions


Another profession that is associated with copious amounts of paperwork is the legal profession. If you’ve ever visited a solicitor’s office or just seen the vast loads of paperwork that are vital to a court case, you’ll be aware of the necessity of a comprehensive storage system. The Law Society suggests that: ‘ It is essential that firms have a clear policy on the storage and destruction of original files and documents.’ Where a lawyer is in charge of a family will, then, it’s essential that the lawyer should: ‘ keep records with the will which explain that appropriate advice was given at the time of making the will.’ As we are becoming an increasingly litigious society, archive storage is becoming ever more important.


Accessibility of paperwork


Even if you have the best storage system in the world you still need to be able to access the information contained within the boxes with a minimum of fuss. Personal assistants and an Office Manager are the best members of staff to run an efficient filing system. Boxes should be clearly labelled and their contents can be logged online and in a paper ledger, for back up. It is vital that these logs are kept up-to-date and in order. If the access to the storage system is restricted to just a few members of staff then there is less likelihood of vital paperwork disappearing.



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