Why London is Still the Place to do Business

London has long been a centre of global commerce, business and innovation and there are no signs that this trend is likely to end any time soon. Not only is London the economic powerhouse of the UK, but it is also a global centre that is a natural home for any business looking to make waves both domestically and internationally. No other city in the world is home to such a diverse range of talents, imagination and ambition than London, and here follows a number of reasons why it is set to stay as the home of entrepreneurism:

London is a reflection of the world

Who is the largest non-British ethnicity in London? In a city resident with pretty much every culture, language and sensibility it may surprise you to hear that it is in fact the French. This is largely thanks to geography, but also because the UK leads the world’s financial sector and is incredibly benevolent to business compared to the high taxes and costs of other European and world capitals. Major banks and credit agencies from across the globe centre upon the city because of this very reason, attracting the finest professionals in their fields. This makes London the home of globalisation; providing talent and skills for any business to operate on a global scale.

Stability and history

It can seem odd to consider how a smallish island off the coast of North-East Europe could become such a powerhouse, and in large part this is thanks to history. The British have always been an entrepreneurial and explorative people; the historic fathers of global commerce and finance. In the post-colonial years Britain – and London in particular – was the swiftest place to adapt to the globalisation of commerce. These are the foundations upon which the modern dynamism of London has been built upon, a stable and structured city always looking towards the future.

Culture fuels business growth

London is a centre not just of business, but also a diverse range of ancillary trades. Nowhere on earth is there such a concentration of established and up-coming artists, academics and cultural icons. Add to this a liberal nature enforced by sensible, progressive laws and regulations to facilitate business and encourage growth and you have the perfect city to attract not just customers but also talent. Who wouldn’t want to do business in such a dynamically open city?

Talent & start-ups

For the reasons outlined above nowhere in the world provides a better location for startup businesses. Backed up by some of the best universities in the world and being very close to ‘Oxbridge’, London is a hive of talent looking to apply their knowledge into successful careers. There’s nowhere else with such a concentration of skills and dynamism, and once more we have the comparatively small scale of the British Isles to thank for this.


Greater London is served by some of the busiest and most capable airports in the world, as well as hosting a rail network that allows easy transport to other British commercial hubs such as Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh within a couple of hours. You can even reach the continent in no time at all via the Eurostar.

Add to this the centres of learning and research such as Cambridge and Oxford being an hour away and it’s ideal for business to meet and recruit some of the leading talent on earth. Within the city the tube and light railway allow for swift transport across the various districts that are ideal for both business and leisure.

Businesses of any size will feel at home

Multinational concerns will naturally veer towards the iconic environs of Canary Wharf or the City, but London has masses of high specification office space that can accommodate businesses of any size. Many of these have been redeveloped and rewired to be able to handle even the most demanding concerns. For a great example take a look at the office space in SW1 at www.mellersh.co.uk to get an idea of quite how fantastic these properties can be for your upcoming business.

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