Why Your Small Business Needs an Answering Service?

Small businesses provide essential services in every community across the world. Up to 80% of gross domestic product is produced by small businesses. Yet small businesses are constantly under fire by big-box operations that can provide consistent and comprehensive service because of their operational scale. Yet small businesses need to understand that a lot of the same services can be provided through outsourcing to qualified vendors. As a small business owner that generally wears many hats it is hard to be great at everything that needs to be done for your small business. Instead of answering phones as a small business owner you should be generating revenue for your company. An outsourced answering center can provide much more than a simple answering service and can provide a virtual customer service department for your clients.Managing Inbound Calls

One of the main reasons that small business owners think to hire an answering service is to be able to provide consistent service for customers calling the business. Of course this is the main reason and the most important reason to hire an answering service. However modern outsourcing answering services can provide much more assistance and options for small business owners than simply taking a message and telling the client that someone from the business will be calling them back. Looking for an answering service that can provide a wide breadth of customer service options is the best way to engage consumers. These new services are trained on your business’ specific products and services and can manage most sale and customer service-related tasks. If the customer wants to place an order that can be done easily. If they have a complaint or other queries about a product or the company this can also be handled by the service center. Traditional call center services can also include appointment setting, help desk services and website order services.

Managing Outbound Calls

Another reason to hire an outsourced answering service is to help generate revenue for the company. Instead of hiring employees or sales representatives that can be expensive, call answering services can often provide lead generation, appointment booking and sales support for outbound calls. Instead of wasting your own time of trying to establish appointments through cold calling, let professionals conduct cold calls and manage appointment scheduling.

Virtual assistant

Today’s answering services can also provide a number of virtual assistant support services that can replace an expensive and often inefficient in-house secretary. This virtual assistant can handle social media queries, read and respond to company email requests and even handle company data management tasks. Have a virtual assistant set up your Christmas mailing list, order Christmas cards and have them delivered at your discretion without hassle. Having a virtual assistant that can perform data entry tasks that are generally tedious and non-productive can save time while ensuring proper reporting is completed. If you have attended a recent trade show and need hundreds of business cards entered into your lead generation list this can be a great task for a virtual assistant.

Instead of being overworked and underpaid because you are not working smart, hire an answering service for your business that can complete many tasks as you need them and is scalable to your needs. Instead of trying to hire extra staff for certain events simply scale up your use of the outsourced service to meet the need and scale it down afterwards. This avoids the hassle of hiring, training and investing in an inefficient labor model.

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